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The Real Girl on the Barstool

The Real Girl on the Barstool

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Published by Greg Dies

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Published by: Greg Dies on Oct 26, 2010
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The Real Girl on the Barstool By G.

Dolan In her travels, she found something totally unexpected, A key, undiscovered by many, overlooked by most, Lost for years, she stumbled upon a key, She unlocked my heart. Forgotten and thought as a myth, She found the heart beating ever so slightly, She gently fire back into the cavity, And an unexplained flame grew hot. Her naiveté left doubts of her powers, My smile and gratitude she had earned, She created magic and music, The heart now danced without fear. Like any true hero, she dismissed my applause, Her nature demands such action, Unaware of her hold over me, She is nonchalant of her own beauty. She is my queen, sans the throne and tiara, Such bobbles would make her blush, My heart throbs faster at her mere mention, A desolate existence now has new meaning. For the Girl on the Barstool is bewitching, A spell I wish never to break, She is my savior of sorts, Words would never suffice how much I owe her. For this was no ordinary Girl on a Barstool, This was the Girl on a Barstool, Her ability to look past the obvious flaws, She took the time to search much deeper. Rough patches had permeated my being, She excused those with a wave of her wand, She allowed me life, captured my soul, Never assuming or owning her heroism. Without cape or costume, she is a real super hero, The Clark Kent before the phone booth transformation, She needed no accessories to rescue me, Her kind words and a warm smile were enough.

I finally rolled sevens, hit the jackpot, Blind luck found me when no one else cared, A friendship developed, and the cuddling warmth ensued, I was due, and she answered my silent plea. No man can plan for this scenario. No man can hope for more, After years of human absence, I was awoken by an angel. She will never take credit, Never afford me the opportunity to thank her, For her humanity needs no audience, Yet she deserves my undying attention. I find myself humbled in her presence, Electrified by her soul, Drawn to her every yearning, And damned if I ll let her down.

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