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In the recent past (last 3-4 decades).). Gold and other precious metal jewellery and Synthetic stones (made of plastic. glass or other materials). Gem Stones (such as topaz. From its basic use as currency. Page | 1 . it is now used as an instrument to store and display wealth. ruby. CLASSIFICATION GEMS AND JEWELLERY INDUSTRY POLISHED DIAMONDS GEM STONES GOLD & JEWELLERY SYNTHETIC STONES The gems and jewellery industry can broadly be categorised in four segments namely polished diamonds. emerald etc. The current global market for the sector is estimated at around 85 Billion USD and has shown a CAGR of 5-10% in the last decade.Jewellery Industry INTRODUCTION Gems and Jewellery have been a part of most of the cultures of the world at some point of time or other. this industry has shown an impressive growth worldwide.

• India’s Jewellery market size – US$ 13 billion • Gold Jewellery market CAGR 10 -15% ewellery • Diamond Jewellery market growth – 27% • India remains in world’s largest consumer of gold. INR (Business ry Standard).000 cr. • Exports about $ 17 Million in 2006 – 07 80% GOLD OTHERS INDIAN JEWELLERY INDUSTRY Share of India's Gem and Jewellery Sector 4% Oganised Retailer Family Jewellers 96% Marriage/Functions 30 20 Purpose of Purchase Investment 10 0 Daily Gifts Festivals Page | 2 .INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Indian Jewellery market in 2007 was valued at 70.

Jewellery is used for fashion as well as decoration. as well as one of the fastest growing industries in the country. c) It is a leading foreign exchange earner. Page | 3 . The export and import of jewellery has also amplified. g) 100% FDI is permitted in gems and jewellery sector. reduced Interest rates made attractive on jewellery investment.TODAY The industry of jewellery has flourished in the past few years due to the increased demand of fashionable jewellery. body jewellery. In the past jewellery was used to adorn bible monuments and other decorations were made using different pieces of valuable jewels. e) The industry has set up a worldwide distribution network. f) India is the diamond polishing capital of the world specially the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. traditional jewellery. h) The growth of Branded Jewellery is eminent in the coming days. b) The gems and jewellery industry occupies an important position in the Indian economy. People nowadays have a passion for jewellery which accounts for the growth of this industry all over the world. of more than 3. costume jewellery. LATEST TRENDS a) Recent fluctuations in the stock market. A wide variety of jewellery is available. d) The Indian gems and jewellery industry is competitive in the world market due to its low cost of production and the availability of skilled labour. modern jewellery and many more. antique jewellery.000 offices for the promotion and marketing of Indian diamonds. fashion jewellery.

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