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Shaw is the 92th most powerful women among first 100. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw born on 23rd march in the year 1953 and educated at the Bishop Cotton girls school and Mount Carmel college at Banglore. LIFE OF KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW Dr. As per 2009 Forbes ranking Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an Indian enterprenur . India’s largest Biotechnology company.KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW Dr. Initially she faced many . After her under graduation in Zoology she went to study brewing in Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education in Australia.She started the firm when biotechnology was quiet unfamiliar name to Indians. In 1978 she joined as a trainee manager with Biocon Biochemicals limited in Ireland. KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW IN BIOCON Dr.000. In 2004 she became India’s richest women.She is the chairman and CEO of Biocon Ltd. Kiran founded Biocon India in the year 1978 collaboration with the Irish firm Biocon Biochemicals limited with a capital of only Rs.10. She founded it in 1978. She started her professional career as trainee brewer in Carlton & United Breweries in 1974 and she became India’s first Brew master.

(2009)  Wharton Infosys Business transformation Award (2006)  Padma Bhusan (2005)  Honorary Doctrate from Manipal Acadamy of Higher education –MAHE (2005)  Life time Acheivement Award from Indian chamber of Commerce (2005)  Honorary Doctorate of Science from Ballart Universty (2004)  The Economic Times Business Women of the year (2004)  Whirpool GR8 women award for science and technology (2004) . In 2004 Biocon issued its IPO and she regarded as India’s richest women having an estimated worth of Rs. Shaw and today it is the biggest Pharmaceutical Indian firm.2100 crores (US$ 480 million). ACHIEVEMENTS OF MRS. SHAW Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an entrepreneur who has the potentional to take risk and she succeded in turning Biocon as India’s largest biotechnological firm.She has won many awards and honours.Regional Growth by Nikkiei Inc. Some of the major awards and prizes are:  Nikkei Asia Prizes. Over the years the company grew under the stewardship of Mrs.problems regarding the funding of the firm. and India’s Mother of invention by the New York Times. She is termed as India’s Biotech Queen by The Economist and Fortune. The banks refused to give loans to Kiran due to 2 reasons: firstly it was a new name to Indians and secondly the company lacked assets.

Other products are: . Institute of Marketing Management (1982) KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW’S BIOCON LTD Biocon is India’s leading Biotechnology enterprise. It is India’s first biotech company to produce Oral Insulin in October 2008. MAJOR PRODUCTS OF BIOCON Its major product is Insulin and Humulin. In 2008 Biocon has been ranked among the world’s top 20 biotechnology company by Med Ad News. Australian Alumni High Achiever Award from the IDP Australian Alumni Association (2003)  Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Healthcare & Life Sciences Category (2002)  Woman of the Year from the International Women's Association. Chennai (1998– 1999)  Padma Shri (1989)  Outstanding Young Person Award by Jaycees (1987)  Rotary award for the Best Model Employer (1983)  Outstanding Contribution Award (AWAKE) (1983)  Gold for Best Woman Entrepreneur. It is also India’s first Billion Dollar company.

(BIOMAB-EGFR) • Biocon Waste Water Treatment System. Biocon has two Business now: Contract research Clinical research work The business shows Kiran’s Piloshopy of Learning and earning. Her philoshopy of Shared wisdom and ownernship reflects in employees culture. Using Fermentatin skills. which turned Biocon as the largest selling class of drugs in the world (US $ 20 bn) in terms of sales. Biocon Diesel fuel. Its first operation was to extract enzyme from Papaya. Biocon developed excellent skills both in solid fermentation and submerged fermentation and with the help of that Biocon developed “ The Pla Fractor” which is a unique fermentation technology. Biocon started as a company which extracts enzymes from the process of • • • Fermentation. The major factor behind . Over the years. In biocon enzymes increased cash flow.Biocon Cancer Drug. For Kiran it was to identify the opportunities and exploiting the skills set which led to latest technologies. ABC.A pain relief Herbal Spray. WatCrc marine ber purifier System. the company really grew up and implement Backward Integration and started to manufacture statins which is required for fermentation.

000 in hand and a degree in Brewery is now the Richest women Entrepreneur in India. UNIQUE FEATURES OF KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW VISION OF Mrs.Even after a number of failures she become a successful leader. Still she have to overcome hurdles. lacking of assets and Biotechnology which was a new field at that point of time. West Asia. SHAW . and Asia. And she become a source of inspiration to many others. Actually she became an entrepreneur by accident. The company is looking forward New drug discovery programmes and sme Strategic alliances with global pharmaceutical companies. Biocons business growth was Driven by hike in Insulin sales in India and the company Globally focused on emerging markets such as Latin America.10. In India Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a motivator of all aspiring women entrepreneurs.Biocon’s success is it has a strong management team and moreover the team has been with the company for 14-23 years. She has become the Poster Girl for Indian women Entrepreneur.Biocon is about to launch BIOSIMILARS in the developed market. Banks refused to give loans as she was a women entrepreneur which was a rare phenomenon. the chairperson of Biocon started her own business of only Rs. She wants to start her Brewing industry and inspite of her degree she started Biocon in 1978 which led to the foundation of India’s Biotech industry. ANALYSIS OF LEADERSHIP KIRAN AS AN ENTREPRENEUR Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

Due to her strong vision Biocon is today acknowledged as India's pioneering biotech enterprise. but she was thrown out due to the reason of being a women and not even a women entered in that field before that. That lead her to think of her own business and directed towards Biocon. PERSONALITY TRAITS OF KIRAN SHAW In Kiran’s opinion a combination of several factors such as Determination. integrity and a sense of purpose which led her to ‘Succeeding against all odds which led her to built up a valuable organisation through her effort. It was first company in world wide to produce Insulin and in October 2008 it developed oral insulin too. Kiran wants to become a coffee brew master. 3) Woman entrepreneur was a new word. DETERMINATION: First when she Approched financial institutions but it refused because : 1) Company had no assets. Value. In that stage also her determination to build up Biocon didn’t turn down. CONFIDENCE: . His vision and Bicon’s Byline are same The difference lies in our DNA’. As a leader she used to set feasible goals like production of enzymes and antibodies from fermentation and research process. 2) Biotechnology was a new concept to Indians.Kiran’s unique vision has made Biocon’s transition from an enzyme production compay to an integrated biopharmaceutical company with strategic research initiatives.

First she faced challenges: her youthful age. Work place principles also helped to keep employees motivated  Excellence. high technological lab. Biocon also provides Behavioural training. her gender and the nature of unfamiliar business. and compensation packages. In Biocon Performance is done annually and implement it in the end of the financial year. . equipments etc. about growth. The high tech biotech industry dependent on high quality power. and managing a large company and managing investor expectations like other CEO’s. She belives its her mission to bulid pride into her workplace into her country. Due to all these HR polices Attrition rate of less than 1% when compared with past years. Funding was also not easy to come. MOTIVATION: In Biocon employees feedback are being constantly asked for motivating them and it will further help them to excel in their field. leadership programs. The confidence of Kiran was unexplainable when comparing that with the challenges faced that she faced.  When bank refused loans to Kiran  She went against all odds as a belief that women can be an entrepreneur. Now the challenges has moved to maintain quality.Her confidence level is clearly seen in her activities:  She started her Business in relatively new and innovative field. Once she overcome all these she had to face technological challenges to build a Biotech business in a country like India which is nt so good in infrastructure at that point of time. The challenges have been evolved with the growth of Biocon. It helps to measure employees performance helps to reduce grievances etc. No banks were ready to give loans.

 Organizational Pride. This is the strategy and the mindset needed for business. She always focuses on R&D and innovative strategy to produce new products. When Kiran began her company. She had proactively involved in various city improvement programs like the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF). and environment. Kiran’s Home town. What she had done is she had charted out her own path. As a part of Marketing and Distribution of the pharmaceuticals Biocon had acquired various pharmaceuticals of Germany and Europe. she forecasts Biotechnology as a Big opportunity than anything in this technological world.  Fairness. She used to .  Learning  Informality in work place  Elegant and refined working environment SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Biocon involved its support to various community programs and corporate citizenship initiatives with a focus in the areas of healthcare. education. The Biocon Foundation. In her effort to preserve the originality of Bang lore. Biocon divests enzymes division for 115 million in US$ to NOVOZYMES to concentrate on Biocon’s Biopharmaceuticals.  Accountability. STRATEGIC PLANNING Kiran’s strategy of running business is entirely different. in 2004 setup Arogya Raksha Yojana which is a unique health initiative for rural India. Integrity.

she made her employees to think innovative and keep on in research. RISK TAKER: Kiran is a risk taker from the beginning of Biocon itself. RAPACAN This is used for the prevention of rejection and rescue therapy for rejection in renal transplantation. INNOVATION: Kiran is an innovator in all sense in implementing a successful company. She has a clear vision.mention her vision clearly that to build global leadership in specialty enzymes for food. She showed it when she had done her Post-Graduate in brewery which had never been touched by a woman In India. But due to her Confidence and determination she was able to be India’s richest woman. feed and beverages. Then when she failed to continue her career in Brewery she has been directed towards Biotechnology industry which was a new business to Indians. . BIOMAB-EGFR: This is used in head and neck cancer. Some of the products of Biocon are: INSUGEN R: It is useful when Oral agents fail to control blood glucose levels or when therapy with Insulin. new products. she never followed any rules and regulations. innovative ideas.

These two are the leading discoveries in the field of research programs. responsible.High on emotional stability: She possesses a positive emotional stability. . She possesses features like:  High self esteem: She likes herself and she is proud to be an Indian.  . warm and she is trusting too. She is proud of her tradition and her culture.  High on conscientiousness: She is reliable. FIVE FACTOR PERSONALITY: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an Extrovert type. and dependable. STYLE APPROACH OF KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW In my point of view Kiran has a Team Management Leadership grid.  High on agreeableness: She is cooperating with her employees with her stakeholder.Other risks she had taken is in her organization is:   Biocon’s R&D programme has been rapidly advanced Took the risk to produce Oral Insulin an Anti-CD6 Monoclonal antibody. organized.

and not so much concerned what others may think about her business. High determination. She had a Vision of her own and she is an individualised type. KIRAN AS A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER I observed that Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a transformation leader like Narayana Murthy or Ratan Tata. CONTIGENCY APPROACHOF KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW I found from the leadership analysis that Mrs. She is a leader who stimulates her employees to participate. This had been attained due to the employee’s concern and motivation level she had shown in her leadership. Kiran is a socio-independent and all middle LPC’s are socioindependent. Gets issues into open and she is sociable who likes to enjoy her work. She posses the ability for . Her company’s innovative products and image had been in hype due to her commitment and concern for the quality and result she has possessed. She is both task motivated and a person used to keep high relations with her subordinates and employees. Kiran act according to her wish and doesn’t follow any rules and regulation in her leadership. Her company’s success lies behind her 14-23 years old reliable management. She is a self directed.She shows concern for her employees and for the results. She never follows what others do or never cares about what others think. Shaw comes under MIDDLE LPC’S group. She acts independently.

 Her innovative ideas help to create positive change  She keeps on developing contact with high place and stake holders. She has an Intellectual simulation to motivate her employees. show initiative to fulfill any job. They are able to convert skeptics into admirers through delivering on their vision” (Quotes from Internet) As I analyzed leadership of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. CONCLUSION “Great leaders have an inherent ability to influence and inspire. For example she grabs the opportunity wherever she finds it: In 2002. I was able to understand that :  She is a Proactive personality  She identify opportunities. a chance to collaborate with CIAMB(centre for Molecular Immunology). Great leaders are change makers often bringing about transformational changes.Cuba Biocon leaped into it Which resulted in the production of Antibodies and . She has an intitution in her leadership styles. She is to be referred as a Charismatic leader.bringing changes or how to transform her organisation.

scribd. Following that Biocon entered in partnership With NObex Inc.com/doc/19947133/Kiran-Shaw http://www.scribd. The trust that she kept on her employees and the trust employees kept on her.scribd.com/doc/28702456/Kiran-Mazumdar-Shaw http://www.scribd. MY LEARNINGS:  Leadership is about creating a vision and mission.com/doc/16265314/Indian-Enterprenures .scribd.scribd.cancer vaccines.  Trust forms the essence of all relationships.com/doc/31191321/hr-ppt http://www. Biocon has a clear strategy of entering into the Innovation Space through collaborations that deliver them high value growth in present and in future.com/doc/30220838/Evolution-of-KiranMazumdar-Shaw http://www.  Customer is central to any business. US companyto deliver proteins orally. REFERENCES: http://www.  Implementation of innovative ideas. communicating that vision to followers & directed them to move towards that vision and goal.com/doc/7379242/Indian-Entrepreneurs http://www.

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