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Movies are not just an indulgence anymore... they have found a place in the toolkit of HR pros and trainers for imparting learning effectively and employees learn to work better by watching movies!


Dewan uses when you see how the protagonist faces struggles and movies in outbound training OBT for team bullding. They give us great insights and work life behavior from on change management and Lagaan. objectivity and wace. and business ethics that it is one's imagination that counts. On the other hand. you do a good deed lot someone else until the whole woild is reached. changed his mind be used as lessons in motivation for the sales team. `Lagaan' and `3 Idiots'. and the that if someone does a good deed for confidence.taIor1iflecom U HUMANCAMtAJ. She feels HR execs and trainers use movies as a tool to implement that success is a pursuit. One boy achieve from `Pursuit of profound concepts like team creates and implements the idea of `paying Happyness'. take a break and rejuvenate. For example. are embedded in movies like `Thare Zameen Par'. rather than sit in a classroom. setting examples in goal setting and to understand - Panda. how to work towards a adaptability to change. Thus. how to teach team building. perseverance. `The Peaceful his class ol twelve-year-old students to filtering from `Saathiya'. commitment. aspects. the film `Pursuit of Happyness'. focused approached to problem solving etc. organizational ethics are well identified from movies like `Disclosure'. Conversely. road blocks at every corner and then achieving victory. Like Verma learnt a Depending on what the desired outcome should be. he says.COVER STORY Cinema. He believes movies have many utilities the lessons learnt from movies can be used as a tool for educating and or motivating employees or they could be peddled as a self-help tool for employees to go out there and start looking at real life situations with a different perspective. Panda cites a few examples: lessons on goal setting. about thIs In the cotporate scenafl& Different people learn different things from same movies. coaching. Films with management lessons Writer's Tip Lessons implemented from movies 20 * August2010 bumancap. `Miracle'. For HR common goal from `Chak De'. Panda has learned nuances of team building and leadership from movies like `Miracle'. Further. The use of movie clippings inspires the entire from `Rocket Singh'. Time is a precious resource.. the use of movies to derive organizational results can be an interesting and a different way to derive the desired impact. pros like Raghavendra. could thought creativity belongs to Disney. the challenge for the learning professional is how to make the best of the time available to them and derive the largest amount of learning using the medium of films. drive to Warrior' offers Insights into make the wodd a better place. SANJEEV PARIDA VICE PRESIDENT-HR * TECH MAHINDRA it moves you and propels hope and action. downside of mis-selling from `Ice you. team work team. where a social studies teacher challenges suspecting and importance of `Monalisa Smile'. and films like `Apollo 13' have good lessons on innovation. self-esteem. decision making and team building. He feels sales management. HR at Tech Mabindra. different feature from `Pursuit of Happyness'. in the movie management lessons in different areas. Think Age'. even if employees do take out time mostly they prefer to move out of their work places. .. from `Ratatouille'. And since it is a challenge to pull people off their work routines while attending to their client requirements. it forward' which is on the karmic belief work.. strategizing and planning persistence.. Raghavendra who always which shows the story of a struggling salesman. leadership. Verma says. `Chak De' and `Lagaan'. movies Recently I saw a movie `Pay fl Forward' how to drive the concept of such as `Lagaan'. says Raghavendra. resource There are many films that depict different management utilization. `Wall Street' etc. vice president. `lqbal' and `3 Idiots'. Insights into corporate greed and its pitfalls. provides an opportunity to HR professionals to deep dive into trends and changing mindscape of the employees and helps them to proactively think of ways and means of bringing in the requisite changes in the organization's ecosystem to meet the employees' asPirations. Dewan says he was able to understand new aspects of alter seeing `Avatar'. customer focus.

That. `Chak De' isa perfect example of goal setting and performing to achieve that goal. team building. e360°. Inbu -t Competency Dictionary. Customzable Reports. and `Few Good Men' have helped instill qualities of leadership.the goal helps in fighting off differences within the team thereby making everyone perform in semblance and +91 44 2642 1441 142 / 43 - t * . The cinematic visuals relevant to learning stimulate an environment which helps people identify their certain behavioral patterns. she explains: Navrasa in present day context has nine emotional states that an individual experiences in a day-to-day environment. a platform to learn is created. He says it has helped instill values of working towards the holistic goal of the organization rather than have individual interests. These patterns are barriers in the skill that one wants to develop.cernent cc. Balanced. efforts and leadership skills. He has used movies to sensitize individuals about the importance of foflowing processes. Once employees identify barriers through these visuals it becomes easier to structure solutions that can help in getting the desired results. Also. adbhutha wonder or surprise and shantha HR Consultancy I Technology P . Easy to Desgn. roudra anger. and performing and persevering under difficult situations in his team. ceoinfotech . For that he uses clippings from movies like `Chak iDe'. asserts Verma. veera courage. a module on finding balance for women managers. Depoy and Anayse. He says ORT is based on the values of team-man-ship. says Verma. `Saving Private Ryan'. @ceoinfotech. One-Touch Assessment Inuitat on System and more `cud ng efficent Assessment Completion Reminder System Worred about the cost? e360 is surpris. These emotional states/ navrasa are shringara love. Basically.e360ssessment. the nine emotional states in corporates and explains it through movie visuals. Our other o'-Iine tools: Survey I PMS Daly Management Tool I Assessment tech eqAe t. Sony and others. hasya laughter.s what our anne 360 degree assessment package is all about e360 comes wth easy Graphical User Interface. such as team management. bheebhatsya disgust.COVER STORY processes. which assimilates and reinforces the learnings thereby closing any gaps left in the learning process. Further. She has introduced navrasa in management at companies like Genpact. listening etc or any other skills. Cinema and probably even theatre help people go through a process of self awareness where the output - is resolution and empowennent. etc. case studies. Since these training programs involve high energy levels and physical activities. "d' 4 Introducing absolutelt. ftllowing fair and ethical practices and the consequences of indulging in any malpractices. here more than the tell mode. to portray the importance of having a goal even before one embarks on a journey. Robust Loaded wth features. presentations and others. uses the concept of balancing navrasa. grit. when experiential learning is combined with structured corporate techniques such as brain storming sessions. `Vertical Limit'. Movies such as `Bridge On The River Kwai'.. Navrasa's origin lies In ancient drama treatise `natya shastra' by sage bharata a concept never used befbre in management in India. Mult Rater Feedback System. It has also acted as a team binder. www. selflessness.j hassle Free online 3600 assessments From GEL Infotech. Dewan also believes movies help in setting examples in goal setting to make team members realize the importance of achieving. karuna kind-heartedness gr compassion.ngly affordable Get your free demo access today at wwwe3óOassessment con-.humancapitonlineom August2010 * 21 . Fair. She in her program on Inner Katha. bhayanaka fear. corn www. he uses movies consistently to help trainees gain immediate and powerful insights into their own and their team's work styles and behavior.

values and concepts. 11 Maut'. and paints a picture In front Besides. It is pertinent in any team that the captain supports his team. This is a technique of 22 * August2010 . They are dynamic and thus an individual feels sometimes happy. the company named one of its HR programs as `Lalcshya'. on leadership. Determination in face of opposition: Bhuvan is opposed by all villagers for taking after the Hrithik Roshan starter. people have opened up to ideas and become more communicative. BuildIng the team: Bhuvan starts recruiting the right people and motivates them. Also. Here. assigns them responsibilities. angry fearful etc. uftimately winning their support. The objective is to make them all work together bke a fist. which highlights how the Dream big and define the goal: Once Bhuvan accepts the challenge. Shuvan. backing the jight person at The right time for The right job. For example. This worked as an effective tool to recall learnings. but. and utilizes this knowledge to make them a part of his team. If we know we are fighting for the right Issue. not only dreams big.humancapt]ortne. while conducting this workshop at Genpact r to test the learnings derived from the concept of navrasa. things happen the way he wants. but. Bhuvan supports his team members even when they make mistakes. This helps people remember stories and allows for higher and longer retention of ideas. For Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance. and `Ek Doctor can think of our problems as opportunities for innovation. Leadership lessons from `Lagaan' up the challenge. of others of how to achIeve ft. Bhuvan talks to each of his team members. one understands that learning management lessons from movies improve employee understanding and performance. but. even at workplace. gets people Interested and begins. but Bhuvan views the improved offer of no tax as a great to employees at the middleoption against the possibility of living a lowly. He makes his dream into a vision where he makes could turn a benefit into a drawback. as Dewan puts. `To test out new ideas is by jumping in and getting started. time three years of no tax. employees comment on the characters on screen and then selfassess themselves and derive strategies for updating their own individual styles. in Infosys * HuMAN Q1ItAI . also puts a strategy management and self'managemenr in place to make that a reality. which is a risk. Verma used cinematic visuals from `Jodha Alcbhar' that contained all nine emotional states or navrasa in the scene where Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai have a sword fight. - Impact of learning from movies From the successful experiences. for example. In real life sometimes we give up and accept what we feel is perhaps a lesser decision. on all occasions Ohuvan faces up and answers his critics with bravery. envisions the future. He understands the pressures and the soft points of people. even we management level. The HR team of Claris Lifesciences picked up clippings from lesserknown movies like `Bk Ruka Hua Faisla'. debt bounded ide. 5. Navrasa helps us understand the impact of emotions on one's performance and how to enhance one's productivity and EQ. ANANO DEWAN SENIOR VP-SALES & MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING * KOTAK MAHINDRA OLD MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE LW. its not just better and effective retention of learning. but. peace or tranquility. treats everyone equally knowing they are all different. which showed the Problems as opportunities: Bhuvan accepts Captain Russels challenges to a cricket importance of logic and rationality match. in reality. Alternatively. He gives Kachra a second chance on the second afternoon of the match despite the skepticism of others knowing Kachra can be a match-winner and Kachra proves him right. and not against an individual we can win.COVER STORY Movies offer an easy way of teaming concepts through visual imagery. Make a start: Bhuvan makes a bat and a ball. sad. like a team. his dream is lack of organization.

Once the learning has impacted the heart and mind. Rs.wah tests free. Upon evaluation. The movie still evokes a sense of deep involvement whenever Panda makes any major decision. "Happy and motivated employees do contribute to the bottom-line of any organization in a big way and that does reflect in our organization's performance over the years. 3500!. feedback received from employees through the employee satisfaction surveys and otherwise vindicates the overall success of learning from movies. "The use of movies in training programs is popular among employees and continues to receive rave reviews. We receive feedback regularly from employees. Here. says Verma. there are people who can go to any length even sacrifice their careers to see the organization grow and their colleagues flourish." enthuses Raghavendra. When one is inspired by a movie. Open a FREE TRIAL offer by visiting w. As shown in the movie.COVER STORY association and works extremely well for the company. either professionally or in any personal matters. Verma cites a case. structured action plans and follow up interventions help scale up performance and the high moral in people. Panda has been influenced by the old Agatha Christie movie `Witness for Prosecution'. post the training program. The other movie with a great influence on Pai-ida was `Titanic'. team leaders and managers as to how a particular movie clip used in training has had an impact on them and how they have started enjoying their work. instant support dedicated R&D team to support ENTRA tk tcsl The art of Assessment j August 2010 * 23 HU!IANQIItcL * humancaptaoninecom . At the same time. CaHusfora Demo +91 40 40130932 +91 40 42210210 +91 9948048343 or write to us at instant activation.centraItest. where a participant facing a guilt complex. At Tech Mahindra. was able to deal with this conflict effectively after going through an internal process of self awareness and worked out a way to balance life with less levels of stress. which he feels is a perfect example of an organization which has people with different mindsets and how they behave under a given situation. Panda learnt a lesson on decision making good decisions are always made on the basis of sound fundamentals and adequate information and - not on hearsay or circumstantial evidences alone. In contrast." says Padda. where the arguments put forth by both parties for the july to arrive at a decision was quite vivid. the participants are able to highlight their learnings from movies and how they have modified theft own working styles for better inter-personal wwwcentraltest. In addition. At an individual level. its stays with him/her and one automatically takes back the Psychometric Tests for HR purposes * * * * * * more than 3500 cents more than 20 psychometric tests 2840 test adrnnlstraion per day user friendly and intuitive interface 24x7 availability. there are people who are so self centered that they just do not bother with any corporate ethics and trample on others to further their own cause. Her participants have reported to have resolved inner conflicts and have been able to structure action plans to enhance theft performance and apply the leamings. Lagaan movie had an immense impact on Raghavendra as it depicted how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. the way teams in Tech Mahindra contribute in their respective official roles and also in other engagement activities even outside their official calling shows the positive effects of the initiative. ultimately improving their productivity.

This would however require the support of windows to understanding the prevalent trends and mindscape of the society others around since managers and peers may not CE I room action. Countering this resistance is the challenge. calls off a prospective merger. Patterns 1955: ThIs movie is about the relationship of a chainn3i a conducive and supportive environment and CEO with their senior learn. share of believers. To keep pace is vital for HR and organizations to Bollywood movies make a good medium to drive learnings. It is about a graduate business student hired as a president to constantly cater to the `pull' factor. "To further says.of certain participants within A boardroom action is well featured towards the group like how this visual is relevant to the end of this movie. the management concept or a preference Meet Joe Black: This depicts inree board for a presentation or very structured style neetings..COVER STORY carry the same spirit. take your pick! - 24 * August 2010 humancaptaIanIine. In fact. It also shows the chairman. This will be like any can be showcased only to a certain category/level of commercial Hindi movie with a hero/actress/villain participants to drive learning due to the language etc. As a trainer. it could become a challenge to implement this learning. be it in concepts and using the latest in technology is within the confines of the training hail. Verma encountered some challenges like mental blocks or fixed Enron: The smartest guy in the room 2005: U mind sets. Time and attention spans learning diversity of the population as regional bias are rare to find and becoming shorter and the use of the visual medium is a good option and will continue becomes a hurdle. However. Fish Philosophy talks about an attitude take learnings from films as Parida feels they are the change. sense of commitment and conviction that would help in internalizing and implementing the . Tech Mahindra. opines Raghavendra. a brought to the board that are suitable for the different styles of Is rnoved fioni his post by the learning for different participants to his seat back just in a time combat her challenge. For example. At Infosys BPO. and employees and their managers should feel the need to attend. Hollywood movies from any traditional training video. it has its own limitations. and an combination of creativity and structure person. When one wants to implement difference.. However. Dewan drive learning for positive or desired results. Chairman of the Board 2001: ThIs movie shows a young As Panda puts. Matters such as regional bias and production for making a one hour movie on Consultative Sales Process and this will be different language can pose as major barriers to use movies in majority of the training programs. it ultimately boils down to one's own willingness. Although. Since the benefits of learning from movies outweigh its drawbacks the trend of learning from movies will continue.. customize the implementation as per the The First $20 Million 2002: It is about the board of directors organizations requirements and also their of Silicon Valley and their roles and responsibilities how they start a acceptability by the employees in general. the main challenge is to man who becornes the chairman of the board of a large corporation. shareholder's meeting in the company's offices. when a resource is spared from the routine. behaviour/attitudes of participants are Robocop 1987: ThIs film shows a chainnan and CEO who have expected to change for the bettefand skill no command on the company's senior executive team. In fact. However. In addition. great films can change the world and inspire something new. the environment that one operates in is totally different paramount for any HR professional to make a from the training venue. who Is of learning. however. a complete family drama around which key learning concepts will be driven. Also. The need a movie its message has a certain influence or impact to be current and stay ahead of the curve. sets enhanced 100% post the intervention! The Hudsucker Proxy 1994: A part of It shows a stock scam This is further compounded with the need of `SOs. too.. of a big manufacturing company with no clue about how the board where a program would need to have its works. barriers and relating to the depiction. s/he would be on a collision course of people to excel. if showing Challenges in implementing movie lessons movies is successful in its objective it will be used to Learning management lessons from movies may be successful. will continue to resistance." explains Dewan. its initiative of learning through movies Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance is working on the concept of in-house aspects like human sentiments and sensitivity need to be considered. HUMAN cApltkt . would be hugely beneficial.. not all movies can be run across all regions. Another challenge that Raghavendra faces is that Head Office 1985: Its a movie about a thairman in aon. Raghavendra says when one watches to evolve and flourish. they may not be the right way to drive avoid becoming obsolete. Verma tries the lying.

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