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Consciousness UniversalityThe Incoherent and Logically Valid Coherent Meaning 2

Consciousness UniversalityThe Incoherent and Logically Valid Coherent Meaning 2


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Published by Marvin E. Kirsh
It is feasable, though probably not realizable, that analytical science theory can attain a status of logical, valid and coherent and yet have no coherent universal meaning in the first person point of reference. Criteria for coherency can be satisfied with experimental test and verification, logical consistency and still effect, possess, no realizable meaning with respect to common lfe experience and universal realities of nature and survival. Such theory ultimately degenerate in meaning,effect created physical spaces with alternate topics that are unrealized at their creation.
It is feasable, though probably not realizable, that analytical science theory can attain a status of logical, valid and coherent and yet have no coherent universal meaning in the first person point of reference. Criteria for coherency can be satisfied with experimental test and verification, logical consistency and still effect, possess, no realizable meaning with respect to common lfe experience and universal realities of nature and survival. Such theory ultimately degenerate in meaning,effect created physical spaces with alternate topics that are unrealized at their creation.

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Published by: Marvin E. Kirsh on Jul 21, 2008
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Consciousness Universality : Incoherency and Logical Valid Coherent Meaning Marvin E. Kirsh Kirsh2152000@yahoo.



Incoherency in communications normally entails abstraction that refers to particulars, entailing a self possessed location dependant uniqueness, that fails in description . One might test for incoherency with the ability to visualize a corresponding representation of the referred topic. For instance the topic of color does not possess this capability where as the color red does. Though one also must attach to his representation a physical shape to his representation, if not just a flat plane or volume of some kind that is red in color. In this manuscript I wish to present an alternative and separate definition for incoherency that entails facets of the world, and the individuals place in it, such that seemingly coherent construable valid and logical deduction, universal, can emerge as meaningless with respect to life experience and survival. Oddly, the example used, Albert Einstein’s query concerning expansion verses contraction of the universe itself refers to potentially construable volumes of space although the universe, fitting into the category of abstraction, is a visually unconceivable entity. In this example I wish to demonstrate that it potentially possible to arrive at fairly certain argument suggesting that the universe must be either one or the other, expanding or contracting, but that this fact has no application, inclusively, to the endeavors of individuals or mankind, other than it’s emergence into the arguments presented here. In order to present my argument, a new perspective of natural processes with semi-conceptual roots in ancient and medieval philosophical writings will be introduced.

Discussion I) Philosophy and History A) George Berkeley, Boethius, abstraction, free will and human behavior (7 ) George Berkeley (1,4) introduced the notion that the existence of

having a sole utility that is based on circumstance.discussing free will in the context of a deity assumed to have divine fore knowledge of events. particulars. Centuries earlier than Berkeley. the ability to conceive. in light of potential falseness in the self 2 .matter is dependant on the existence of a perceiving witness and introduced from his belief an argument for the existence of an ever present all perceiving omnipotent deity. and associated willed behavior. Boethius (11) . and language. His argument focuses on abstraction.

In light of Berkeley and Boethius an unresolved paradox remains concerning point of reference and knowledge related to existence. II) The Paradox and Consciousness I first want to introduce the notion that the existence of paradox is central to nature if not the only ingredient of life with regards to the self possessed awareness. its’ resulting creation in the search for explanation division. Boethius pointing out. Central to division. seeking a unified theory resulted in the creation of time-space concepts that distributed properties of the world into a general notion that allowed for a logical mathematical reality separate from human experience and a reality of human experience that was explainable by a subset of the mathematics and philosophy he introduced. in re-examination of the theory of relativity. that plague mankind. With 3 . Berkeley pointing out the importance of the first perspective with regards to abstraction.6) introduced a mathematical /philosophical concept of frame of reference/perspective with respect to the laws of nature with the creation of the special and general theory of relativity. incomplete. with a question as to whether it is the same paradox. two men traveling apart from one another at a given velocity. is a reflection about a standard perspective. with respect to a third stationery party they should have velocities that are vectoraly addable if a standard perspective coherently exists. Meant by this. is still a paradox he was unable to resolve. B) Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein (5. internal physiological/brain function and consciousness as parallel processes based on a rudimentary consciousness possessed by all. second. existing at the fringes of reality and question. that even validly construed knowledge was restricted also in a similar manner. consciousness of humans beings that construct notions and concepts.assumed right to punish civil offenders. Second.e. employing lower animals as an example. One might begin his inquiry into the evolution of ideas. in elemental form emanating from a process of witness and transmission that entails a choice with respect to path that is common to all of nature-i. that it draws a concept of perspective from a sensory objectivity that there is a primary mathematical constant to nature that is based on a ratio of geometries rather than a ratio of ratio as a ratio. perplexities. to particulars/genus’s. For example. suggested that knowledge was a property of the nature of the knower and that the existence of divine fore knowledge had no bearing on the free will of human beings. His theorizations.

However he might 4 . his communications are none other than conceptually oriented in this direction. yet might be taken to be accepting of the notion of relative velocity if a conceive and add velocity( for example) identically. disregard abstraction as incoherent.respect to the philosophy of Berkeley.

as the most important. entails a contents of paths and courses that are all modulated/definable by the same non mathematical unity. time. in combination of these philosophical (indivisible) concepts that each individual would require the physical mechanical facilities to inspect the evidence from concepts that forecast (invisible) divides as a matter of the practicalities of existing: each attributed with his own knowledge depending on his nature. of the practical than scientific. relates only to the possessor of the knowledge that construes it. Third. and that its’ conception.e. if it is proposed that velocity exists only as common knowledge of its existence but has no coherent content in terms of mathematical comparisons/ratios exists only and can be held only as existing variable that is exempt from ratioi. the theory of relativity to the practicalities of conscious experience. force. can they also yield tangible coherent facts that ultimately relate to facts about experience. it is not impossible to conceive of a wish for common. energies and forces brought about by the physiological. entails energy. With regards to philosophical proof. if one were to maintain his correspondences. Boethius. Though this is an exaggerated example with respect to the intended purpose to present a philosophical concept other than refute scientific method. he might arrive at a the principle. language usage.had rejected the existence of unwitnessable electrons and photons with mass that traverse space. probably considered. soul as a parallel fact to the existence of the brain and not a product of it alone. Assuming.e. to construe a logical path from concepts involving the velocity of light. abstraction and knowledge instead of the physical world. Jokingly. if they have no apparent practical meaning. excluding questions about a divinity. As a distinct notion of relativity one can jump from this argument and hypothesis about consciousness to suggest. that distance/velocity is ubiquitously relative. if taken in a strict sense leave no room to discuss the particulars of knowledge.E=mc^2 but c. I wish to introduce for comparison a separate notion of relativity. the sense of self. arising from the notions of Berkeley. especially if they are conceived to exist universally in the absence of a perceiver. that Einstein in his/mathematical/geometrical considerations are correct only with respect to a description of transmission of energy-i. but that all human beings possess it. ultimately more important. energy. variable space. hands on experience to know the world. but considering consciousness . Its’ 5 . entails force. but conceptually related. speaking about its’ possessor . as an elemental ubiquitous unit. to satisfy the logic of both Berkeley and Boethius. each entailing the other/conceptually equal to one another as if the world an inflatable surface with a peculiarity that surface. Boethius and Einstein . one can ask about the meaning of scientific concepts. consciousness itself is a synergy of the detection of processes external to the self and parallel internal processes related connected with sequestering of processes.

expansion verses contraction of the universe of the theory of relativity. and is yet is indivisible. Related to the notion of relative distance. a world of individual uniqueness’s descended from it. a total and contained by all the paths to present. excluded realists. immune to the genera established by scientific method-one results with the world of the nominalist.procession. such that the concept of soul. obviously. are the concepts of relative time. If distance is 6 . is totally contained by it.

If total energy is decreasing. as if a threat to result in action. yet with a loss of total complexity/space. The distance from the head to the foot. a descending that is discernable only cognitively verses a positively oriented construction that is innately presented-an inverted product of processes that might be conjectured to be ubiquitously derived from inversions. it is suggested that at each stage the material in the folds in some manner. operate to construe and seek space. If one considers history. but is only an intuitively conceived notion of the mechanism of cognitive operation-one might compares from the act of perception a net decrease in lengths to produce a positive output that details the spaces he perceives. indivisible as genera. have no self known orientation. Sensation/perception may result from a synergy of spatial/volumetric changes and contrasts derived from input. in opposition to the sensual perceptions of existence. via advanced problem solving and application to consume meaninglessly as if existing perplexity is threatening to instigate action regardless of its’ source. is defined by space but 7 . more aligned/in motion with the internal processor/brain such that it’s integration results in minima differentials with regards to non-self objects. sensory metering "feeling around" of the world in order to navigate it : a length-time calculator that can invert sign. It may result that innate deception is an indicator of the state of living to which a response is elicited. of living systems. in the process of transmission consumes space. to abstract positive space in conditions of stress. associated with witness processes and transmission. and at a higher order shapes. leading to further abstractions that become oriented to uncover the deceptions of nature form this aggressive position but absent in realization that functioning also is. In this description the property of uniqueness. for example. internal metabolism involved in perception-net output as a construction from differentials derived from processes involving energetic metabolism. emerges from. as an unfolding. all processes. by means of the same deception that perplexes. entity. as common sense might suggest to assume that light loses energy to work (either with an increase or decrease in volume) A synergy and a whole new emerges at each step from the first person perspective that appears to be both lesser and greater than the parts. yet at the same time there is obviously new expression. undergoes a parallel change to changes in volume/space with expression. internally as a threat to initiate perpetuate function. space/total volume of the universe can be either increasing or decreasing. a parametric variable in this process. itself implies the consummation of resources/energy i. that themselves. though. The energy of light can be applied for the generation of space and mass with a remainder. physiologies in unison. addition. It may be in this manner that the psychologies. that light. inverted products. of volume lengths. also leads. entailing secondarily a deception that.relative.e. or it can be construed. to allow a gauging. when encountered.

Processes of the world in whole may be the same as these conjectured facts of function. consciousness. and space. of the world.diverges conceptually from physical notions of relativity. Recent computer simulations are able to construct object representations from shadows and overlays extracted from visual/ positional information(2) suggesting that a uniqueness of the object. space contraction etc. energy. is innately 8 .

In this inquiry. in this example neurological science. In the above discussion. As an elementary concept consider the saying “which came first. The following set of data in this scheme can provide an account of the generation of a visual representation: Time 1 9 . and an imperative that further evolution of divides with respect to this notion is precluded by the fact of impossible witness with which to establish the necessary particulars to pursue further investigation. our own lives from conception to the present possess no answer “we each without exception came from an egg which came from a chicken so on.. partly metabolized fuel (i. The senses then come about to have a total influence on the modulation on all that proceeds internally. in a simple step.possessed as a fact of transmission and recepetion/perception III A Few Notes About Neurological Function If a paradox of the world is agreed to connect the logically entailed with the existence of drive and directional forces that outline both a path in the sense of physical science and a “feeling around “ of the worl d in terms of consciousness some possible cosmological ideas might be brought to earth and discussed in terms of the physical sciences. emerged from visual science. paradox which fuels energy generation and a self generating reproducing mother nature) in association with energies that impinge upon the senses from the external working in concert potentially paint brain function in likeness to a motion picture in which a willed choice is presented to the conscious first with respect to interpretation from the senses and second with respect to what matter is sensually construed to best satiate feelings of hunger. actually proceeding the evolution of these notions one is inclined to propose a synthesis more easily perceived as well as suspect. the chicken or the egg?”. that the road’s end of logical argument does not entail an empty tank but no thru-fare only. On second inspection it is not the thrufare that is the topic of science. The engulfment of nutrients that are midway in energy level between zero and maximum to power neurological phenomenon. There is no possible experimental answer to the question.e.. An eternally surviving paradox is thus “fingered” . With other (all) perceptions of the world included that appear to be of the same description we are lead only to the induction that something must precede all things. but the tank and where in a great confusion resides. In physical science terminology a creative interpretation in light of the irresolvable paradox might be the existence of a generically irreducible oscillation.

154 is presented cognitively –ad infinitum for T(2).125 (T(1)-1. but a different orientation that relates equally to the external and the self/internal processes such that all that survives is paradox itself and of which we cannot pretend to approach to resolve as it at a basic level also accounts for energetics and work functions. Outlined is a potential accounting of the present that may be applied to all types of senses.125-(-. resembling biological life in that materials energies pass from inside to out and visa versa. in this scheme. reflexive perceptions of the existence of three dimensional space. Life is not a complex assembly requiring energy from the less complex. is both monaural and infinite. If one returns to consider another essential ingredient of consciousness. biological physical) really offers no contradiction to the theoretical inclusion of it for explanation. 10 . common sense assimilations (less for a scientific addition of the notion of a relative space size (i. One must ignore the concept of a beginning and end. With this in mind our scientific concept of universe needs revision.679(T2) =-. memory. that our accrued scientific knowledge (chemical.e expansion or contraction of the universe) ∆ path length=1. T(3). i. The surviving paradox is still at the surface of the self. The form of a mobius like volume seems to fit both a physical and conceptual framework as its surface is physically conceivable. start and finish-arrival at it entails the paradox imperatively an ultimatum “stop” =logic fails in further dissection=we are imperatively grounded to the paradoxes of life experience. T(4).e. a changing series of lengths reflected from differentials of time/size reflected again on the integration of signals that have traversed different paths to the eventual synthesis of perception . to be potentially contained within any less than infinite measure of its’ surface.500(T1) -1. he may wish with the same reasoning to find a place for it in the same “conscious/aware universe”.etc to yield a moving representation of positive space effected from possible detection of decreases only.179))=-.054 At this point it is postulated that an energetic inversion of sign takes place that is fueled by physiological energy so that a net change of +.e relative distance/area volume) (i. In remainder.. association of psychological and physiological concepts with instinct.154 instead of -.179 ∆ path length at integration = -(-.250(t2) =. In this light. inert..125 in length differential ∆ path length post detection and neural transmission in a second branch in the brain with a different (longer path length than a more direct one to an integration meeting)from the primary visual reception =1. is a representation of a moving image.∆ path length or volume of a random object at the retina derived from time T=1 to time T=2 with respect to natural processing of length/volume of light (i. non absolute geometrical parameters that are construed as absolute in order to attribute a material tangibility assoicated with percepetion. the interior and the external-invisible.. I will proceed with a discussion of DNA as a substrate that represents biological memory –the transmission of characteristics from the temporally preceding . An enormous complexity and potential can be construed to exist. constancy)).e parented in a descent from a single/eternal /paradox/perplexity. We must assume we are parented by a higher complexity/arrangement of space and its’ contents.

in example to establish a correlation containing intuitively ‘units’ related to unique path of transmission/emergences as physical memory is related to it’s origin and emergence of behavior. long term incoherency in transmission is likely to be carried out in no other way but 11 . life is given. The address of memory may be construed in a conceptual parallel manner to this same space of self conceivable of simply as a unique path can be conceived not to know its’ path but always has available a free choice. an incongruency can be visualized possible in the a transmission of scientific theory. ‘preceding’ ‘nothing’ mean? Memory may be we can describe in a non mystical way as an earlier existing state. In this sense one can construe an ultimate equality of path with the unique nominal of it’s existence. employing energy from part metabolism of it’s derivatives a positive attribute. Why not the same interaction of volumetric differentials of space that can compare change. a facet of the path that bears no obvious resemblance. the ingestion modulated. the world a decline. All referral to the topic of memory secondarily must refer incompletely to the whole. composes and is immune to. i. primary to secondary present perception (at the root level of nature witness processes are exchangeable with perception) . If we wish to continue the analogy/parallelism of self and the world to memory the obvious question would be to identify a conceptual correlate in the external.engulfed. but potentially valid. In this sense what does ‘before’. external that act in the composition of theory are eternalized. a correlate to ‘before’ that exists in nature that fits into the topic of consciousness universality and coherency. and DNA as an example of memory will treated from a perspective of active internalization akin to the above mention of food as internalization that is sensory and hence fueled both theoretically and physically by paradox as an underlining universal to all. cells possess the property of transmission/path themselves. by poor judgment or otherwise. biological memory. modulated by position that is. changes to the environment. integrate along a past to present path of progression/transmission. In making this analogy all concerned potential parameters fall from both sides of the equation: memory remains in description as a set of differentials that originate and operate at the sub sensory level of electromagnetic impulses taken different paths. A long term poisoning. the transmission of memory as a temporally modulated volume differential that is suitable and sufficient for the description of space alone. the genetic transmission(s) of DNA) tangibility. looks good to eat) is able to effect from theory. refer only incompletely to the whole of space. as an example. A capacity to introduce a poisoning into this process is especially prominent in light of the fact that applied abstraction (i. In this case. as an exact likeness to the representations of the external from the detection of motion. poison. that originates from an ingested. DNA can be also both visualized and physically separated from cells psychological.e.e. inclusively.e. a function of it’s unique past.e. a postive nature from an energy requiring inversion related to previous ingestions.i. whose origins here are a existence of deception. undetected perennial. language itself. physically separated from. operated on from a second energy derived from ingestion that bears no proximal correlate in its energetic origins but of which its’ ingestion is matter of free choice modulated by the senses. that still exists as a rudiment sensory entity as paradox is rudimentary to all but not obvious to the senses as it is the modulating element and source of force and energetics-has a deep selfness to it. a strictly available theoretical openness such that choice of path is possible with respect to direction. shares the same address as the assertions arising from. Connection of the senses with memory can then be paralleled with the concept of paradox in all. with respect to living things any entity that possesses DNA is incompletely referred to by it though living entities. At the initial step. physical memory not only at a second perceptible level so that we do not know literally what it is (sense(s) as the only route of knowledge) but must be be incomplete with respect to the whole in order to possess a finite (if not physical-i. eternalized in the sense that sensory concepts of. In this analogy as cells can visualized separately from their parent entities. force/ energetics entailed from paradox. very distant in what we engulf as at some level it assumes the function of self.

in modern biological research that is accompanied with confused entailments that the worlds as whole is no than a sack of extractable information or the purpose of. though lower in intensity (XXXX). it would be printable.by an original unnoticed deception. I believe DNA has a different origin than is its construed partnership in the evolution and assembly of life from inert space. as is suggested and with accomplished experimental success. In same line of sight of the internal. In 12 . paradoxes.e. it’s information captured converted to mass in the report. bearing a nominal of ‘deception’ that is intuitively reminding of the described hypothetical inversion. genetics involving a concert of action of DNA and abstraction originated incoherency in route to application to effect change to nature and an accelerating self feeding false conceptualization of the natural that in exact correspondence(i. it appears to contain information arranged linearly in likeness to a (very long to infinite) path itself. This view. A suggested blindness to it. experiment and testing of (feeling around) the environment for the successful occupation of space. though not essentially different in description as one of an inversion related deception to promote expansion-space seeking as space itself might be viewed as a maize of potentials. On the other hand. early?. “self feeding”) may reduce to an event sometime in history. the conceptually elucidated path here shown of processes. Central to my accounting for DNA is its’ incompleteness of feature -short of infinity. deceptions. If one to postulate a chronic food poisoning of civilization he could but refer to ingestation. inversions.alike to the symbiotic quality of DNA with the cell. is reversible. memory is the ingested and DNA with which to infer interrelations of concepts of differentials. surviving singly as matter of a special method of maintenance and containment in the laboratory that involves the “ingestion of energy”-electrical energy in this case that is ultimately derived from the sun as is the energy of food. so can DNA be viewed paradoxically as tangibly and physically single sided. and shown to possess the same original modulated light. This experiment demonstrates that electromagnetic/fast radiation can slow when it reaches a near zero potential and assumes a solid form retaining information in it and intuitively reflecting an incompleteness. If space can be envisioned. i. a seeking in which a real positive connection in precluded by fact of the lack of finiteness of the surface path and is only a matter of origin dependant location. differential lessening in unison. room seeking. inherent within. again. but an object does not ‘know’ does not possess an actual physical memory record. accrued to. it is very peculiar in this respect. of the ingestation of a parent close genetically to an original human lineage.e. released again as light after being physically relocated. Considering first DNA. a nominal description of the parameters of location. that life is so described objectively by habit in a separate physical law abiding subset of space and seen to be an oscillatory derivative of a legality applied to all of space and an uncertainty that is falsely exclusive to itself in light of it’s possession of physical memory as an added power in order to contemplate. In light of this. – the sense of positive space that cast for visual representation and its importance with respect to behavior. construable as a disturbance from poisoning. in light of the above discussion both in the conceptual and material. resembling a path in that it is the physical and conceptual memory of one that one may infer that it came about itself from a conceptual path that has hardly another interpretation but one of a near infinite transmission from a high potential to a low potential along the surface of a one sided inversion in that it is a physical evidence of the concept of path itself. Yet DNA appears to contain linear information. a scientific history in a sense connected with its characteristics. a physical path that if it has as a parent by likeness. that the differentials and inversions employed in representations drift towards the linear ( as I perceive this notion to have roots in the concept of a linear information molecule if not misconceived and augmented by the popularity of current “string theory” and its’ evaluation). is suggested to involve both an external and internal existence. it’s trip near to a whole of the one sided inversion that can be employed to conceptually describe space. contemplate natural circumstances and a future path. conceived as a one sided surface. it is very interesting that a pre-modulated light beam has been slowed to ordinary speeds in the laboratory. In this sense DNA is particularly peculiar in that it in its’ large length to volume ratio resembles the infinite. though as one would expect temporally related memory to contain the memory process attributed to space is innate.

a strand-record of information that is infinitely longer than apparent from its volume/size.e. direction as if had knowledge that it was at a new location. If not a physical record of this. that itself is only a process of differentials and contrasts. yet a physical neutral ground absent. a world of paradoxical differentials that always seem oriented uphill. yet things are adjacent in sequence and act in sequence within it. a memory of it as if it had traversed it and attained a physical form corresponding to it. means of arrival at the present as a total description of all aspects of the process of transmission itself. that entails energetics. present in a physical material oriented form-but in order to maintain the analogy must also be arived at as a positive inversions of a downward oriented complexity and energy that is born of an inversions itself to a positive state requiring the input of energy and to be comparable in parallel to the suggested inversion to create the representation of objects and space from actual temporal differentials of downhill paths as if taken to actual measurement. The tangible DNA that seems to bear as it’s existence the physical impression of the forces of paradox itself. inverted in sign in order to project a postive space. A memory of an old location is entailed to exist in the path of contemporary processes of contiguous new interactions that are driven by new differentials and contrasts. A lightening bolt relocated. a tangible transmitted impression that the infinities suggested by a one sided surface do not seem to correspond well but in conceived physical structure verses a real non abstracted structure. Along this line first is noted the resemblance of DNA to a potential universal description of a one sided surface. It would be a satisfactory goal accomplishment to account for DNA as the propagation of a like continuity that one can intuitively assign as the memory component of a path in nature. Recently light captured in an experiment at super cool temperatures and relocated was found to be identical to the original by means of identification of a modulation incorporated into the initial light beam. more pleasing to the eye. and physical material. is indicated. positive orientations for survival. a unique identity amidst all else. of 13 .this light a common virus has recently been found to universally pervade human genetic sequences. but is not a property or physical characteristic at all. is of the same conceptual shape as the spaces of transmission processes and reflected that way as the paradoxically twisted helix of the chromosome. physical ribbon. (XXXX) . will change its’ features. Anew motion effecting anew sets of transmission parameters. as first I believe that such phenomenon are not r€esolved this way. If one tries to make analogy of this with psychology memory he might conclude that memory must not be capable of action alone. Isnt it the exception rather than the rule that one awakes at a different spot not remembering how he got there. Such fact could also be true for all processes. if not of the same form of memory itself which reflects in form space itself. fixed ‘knowing’. second it is logical to view the world as descending rather than ascending .g as the process of continuity. In this description I hope to avoid terms referring to the ‘evolutionarily more evolved living structures’. has a real occupied physical address rather than projected wish effected functioning by those same means of differential space. A sense of positon and state of affairs derived as a differential to the path traversed. what else but an embodied (‘inbody’) memory/mechanism of it= a conceptual step sandwiched in between the actual of vast separations of relations and a set of real tangible matters. witness processes of transmissions. shape. volume.as if a paradoxical product of a physical representation (a positive) and a negative declining space to present a tangible poster representation of the theoretical/abstract process at the core of function with all facets and angles in a logical corresponding line with the reality of perception of the material. rather than witness from a stationery reference. yet another paradox considering the vast potential postulated to exist from long path lengths to mating opposites/ground with the framework of a single sided surface model of space with descending complexity. May be memory embodied as DNA and its processes =in analogy to the carried along-retained in some form as innate to the nature of its existence. complete paths are arranged in adjacent interacting lines as easily as concepts are missing in this simple rendition that fails to connect with a conception of the universe. A positive space world. the same phenomnenon with which we sensually feel our way around the world. common to all physical processes. all properties.

internally oriented -as if a supercooled light transmission to slow its path which must include. inverted and subtracted from the total to create a positive physical matter memory remaining at still a very ‘paradocally’ high energy and complexity level. a course embodied physically. which a much less energetic(energy requiring for formation) physical record remains= a shorting to neutral unaccomplished in it’s occurrence. That structure and function of living things cannot exist without DNA is assumed.i. That it had traversed a path of enormous potential. however existing only symbiotically. now existing only symbiotically and isolated by a vast space in relation to the volume of the cell that contains it.being if DNA must be symbiotic to life to exist. if comparisons are valid. It may be comparable to a universal view. only a shade shifted from a successfull neutrality. an inverted product both near and far an infinite distance from ground. as it the described physics experiment assuming in mass. 14 . that perhaps it comes about that to traverse the whole circle would require more energy than available at its starting point.e. course conceived as memory.e.all facets of it conforms in some manner to this process description.e. or is the possession of memory a universal. its own physical shape 2) That it arrived to exist from an inversion 3) Its’ origin reflects physically abstracted spatial properties conjecturable to have arrived in physical form from a near neutralization of light energy=its features preserved in matter. a physical record its properties (fitting near to a physical representation. less for the fact of the physical existence of DNA.e. One might ask if it bears as its’ own uniqueness peculiar to life processes of it is unique as space is unique. percep€tions and cognition of the world emerge. but an incomplete inverted recombination. whose conceptual physical appearance survives in a material matter form. but as a naturally existing component of path may be an artificially construed category in a singly definable process of conduction of path from which the sensory experiences. such that a positive physical resemblance is produced via a sign change(inversion) of a subtraction of a negative from a less temporally preceeding lesser negative positive to create a physical entity that resembles a conceptual construction of the whole. produced from either a physical (unequal crossing over) but a temporal overlap created from an inversion likened to the concept of a one sided space-in analogy to a positive visual representation arising from an inversion of an actual negative requiring the input of energy. Human memory might be viewed without anatomical correlates.if it is assumed that DNA. failed at a whole turn. if one wishes to maintain his analogy with the contained model of creation of visual representations. retained knowledge of its path as a physical memory-i. its shape/function seems to have the same conceptual portfolio of spatial processes. future course as a feature of the possession of course. slowing near a full circle. isolated from ground. all of space in order that it resemble it. One might in light of the argument of the possession of memory is entailed by path which by definition entails continuity i. to have arrived from a propagation seen to nearly traverse an very long length of a one sided surface to produce the same as its course. one might compose a suitable accounting of it’s existence as a symbiotically viable embodiment of memory . though. The unequal crossing over in genetics bears a similar physical similarity to the above description of DNA as a product similar to space arising from a temporal differential and re-comparision of transmissions-i. A similarity exists throughout with description of paradox and space. such that. a near neutral space. is secondarily isolated from the open space for its interactions. as the same as a combination of closely related and resembling temporal arrangements as presented for visual representation.memory defined as just the possession of course with the following notions: 1) Though resembling space in total it seems to be stripped of a vast potential energy by virtue of the close proximity of related elements that bear the function related meaning that compose it. remaining as a physical record resembling the (incomplete) path it took.

refract and reflect in a closed container(12). new complexity/ growth at the same time that he arrives at the principle that the world in the same process is decreased.It is thus proposed that the question of expansion verses contraction of the universe is incoherent. parts of a world whole are observed as peculiar in nature themselves as is the whole. just from a statistical viewpoint to conjecture the irresolvable paradox as ubiquitous. light can be captured at very low temperatures. may be undeterminable. relocated and identified at the same original light that was captured(10). in energy and complexity associated with its structure . can be trapped and found to rebound. one arrives at from a premise that values of velocity/distance are relative to those who possess knowledge of it. A 15 . especially with respect to the discussion of memory . The particulars of the world behave on there own in a manner that construations of them. lending one. is descending rather than ascending. to note that chromosomes are reported recently to contract with the application of a pulling force(8). that new unique things are emerging. It is interesting.

Incoherency attains both a physical and lingual meaning in a relation analogous to a mechanical transmission. are potentially vulnerable to a synergistically arrived at distortion of healthy function that can become blindly modulated by the internal and willfully partitioned towards a loss of guidance from the immediate senses. Paramount to this is the coherent fact that the world may be logically expanding or contracting.. susceptible to a loss of immunogenicity associated with a newly arising lack of contiguity. 16 . buffer or anti-homeostatic agent if visual representations lend to action from abstraction actions that are both incongruently aligned in course (memory) contiguous with its’ acquired content and incoherent in relation to positive inverted contrasts indicating the maximal pursuit of volume A common feature of disturbance appears to intersect here with the temporal. order the environment. internal buffering from the external that is all modulated ultimately towards a reality of an absolute conformation of the external/ space. an incoherent monism conceived of an inappropriately conceived dualism of relations that is again conceived from misconceptions of physical space in the theory of relativity. balance maintaining struggle with external influences . definition of course.resulting futility descends into the realms of everyday life. It is adjunct to this notion that a common futility in daily life from public education and mass communications descends on the individual ultimately from attempts to construct natural law. and created analogies of biological/genetic systems/means of inheritance as a lingual/mechanical code. it brought closer to it as behavior becomes a fact of reliving/memory and representation from the senses. The senses/associated visual representations and memory representation. disturbance originated and supersusceptible dampening system redundancy rather than the diversity potentially assumable in the unequal temporal crossing over with the objective rather than the abstracted external. The genetic material already nearly resembling it. it causes as foreign objects beneath the skin isolated from ground .DNA as a symbiotic entity in an intermediate position from its’ parent (space) and ground. abstraction and incoherency . disturbance to uniqueness/identity. inappropriate reaction to the external. and is logically incoherent. as either a potential homeostatic agent . with memory. existing and functioning via a fact of contrast with it drifts further from it. though the question has no coherent meaning to the practicalities of life and survival of which there is no existing meaning able to exceed it/to evolve further divisions. both functioning to accord a harmony oriented towards the successful occupation of new space. schism originating as function of slanted buffering in which existing internal elements gain in a dominance. as a definitional dualism that either expands or contract verses a nature composed of either . In this light one may also reflect on the nature of medical disease.

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18 .

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