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SPECIAL FORMER EIGHTH DIVISION (c) Providing assistance in the sale of ordinary life business.
[CA-G.R. SP No. 31283. April 25, 1995.] Education and Training
(CTA Case No. 3504, 3743) (a) Providing training courses, seminars, and other educational programs for underwriters,
actuaries and other personnel.
c cc 
   c   (b) Providing scholarship program for personnel of PHILAMLIFE.

  Accounting and Auditing
(a) Recommending standard accounting procedures and forms for financial and budgetary
    statements and other accounting devise.
(b) Providing assistance with regard to data processing.
TAYAO-JAGUROS, J p: (c) Arranging and supervising internal audits of PHILAMLIFE.
(d) Providing recommendations with respect to systems and procedures.
Before the Court is a petition for review filed by Philippine American Life Insurance Co., Inc. PHILAMLIFE U.S. Branch
and American International Group, Inc. from the decision dated March 10, 1993 and (a) Provide necessary services for the development of PHILAMLIFE's U.S. Branch.
resolution dated May 19, 1993 of the Court of Tax Appeals denying both petitions for review, Corporate
and the subsequent motion for reconsideration, respectively, in C.T.A. Cases Nos. 3504 and (a) Assuming certain foreign currency obligations on behalf of PHILAMLIFE personnel.
3943 entitled "The Phil. American Life Insurance Co., Inc., et al. vs. The Hon. Commissioner of (b) Compensating overseas Directors of PHILAMLIFE for work performed on behalf of
Internal Revenue", involving claims for refund of an alleged erroneous payment of PHILAMLIFE.
withholding tax at source for 1980 and an assessment for deficiency withholding tax at (c) To continually study, consider and advise PHILAMLIFE with respect to its corporate
source for 1979. structure.
The respondent court has correctly stated the facts of this consolidated case, to wit: (a) Providing the services of consulting architects, and other experts in the construction
"This is a consolidated case involving a claim for the refund of the amount of P643,125.00 as
(b) Providing medical services, training and advise to PHILAMLIFE's Medical Department.'
allegedly erroneous payment of withholding tax at source for 1980 in C.T.A. Case No. 3504
On September 30, 11978, AIRCO merged with petitioner American International Group, Inc.
and an assessment for the similar amount of P643,125.00 as deficiency withholding tax at
(AIGI) with the latter as the surviving corporation and successor-in-interest in AIRCO's
source for 1979 as a result of the cancellation of a previously issued tax credit memo for the
Management services Agreement with PHILAMLIFE (page 8, BIR records).
said amount in C.T.A. Case No. 3943.
On November 18, 1980, respondent [Commissioner of Internal Revenue] issued in favor of
The case were consolidated as they involved the same issue and the same parties.
PHILAMLIFE Tax Credit Memo (T.R. No. 141-80) in the amount of P643,125.00 representing
erroneous payment of withholding tax at source on remittances to AIGI for services rendered
The facts of the case are well recited in the memorandum of the respondent, as follows:
abroad in 1979 (Pages 15-16, BIR records; Exh. "E").
On the basis of the aforesaid issuance of tax credit, PHILAMLIFE, in a letter dated March 12,
Petitioner Philippine American Life Insurance Co., Inc. (PHILAMLIFE) a domestic corporation 1981, filed with respondent a claim for the refund of the second erroneous tax payment of
entered into a Management Services Agreement with American International Reinsurance P643,125.00 which was made on December 16, 1980' (Page 14, BIR records). Said claim was
Co., Inc. (AIRCO), a non-resident foreign corporation with principal place of business in followed up by another letter dated July 6, 1982 wherein PHILAMLIFE alleged that the 'claim
Pembroke, Bermuda, whereby, effective January 1, 1972, for a fee of not exceeding for refund of the amount paid in 1980 is exactly the same subject matter as [in] the previous
$250,000.00 per annum, AIRCO shall perform for PHILAMLIFE the following services, to wit claim for refund in 1979" (Page 4, BIR records).
(Pages 9-10, BIR records; Exh. "D").
Without waiting for respondent to resolve the claim for refund, petitioners filed with the
'Investment Honorable Court on July 29, 1982 the petition docketed as C.T.A. Case No. 3540, seeking said
Reporting on world monetary and investment trends and investigating, analyzing and making refund.
recommendations as to particular investment opportunities.
During the pendency of C.T.A Case No. 3540, respondent, in a letter dated April 15, 1985,
Underwriting and Marketing
denied PHILAMLIFE's claim for refund of P643,125.00 as withholding tax at source for 1980.
(a) Providing advice and recommendations with respect to new products.
Moreover, respondent cancelled the Tax Credit Memo (T.R. No. 141-80) in the amount of
(b) Providing assistance in the production of international business in the employee
P643,125.00 previously issued to PHILAMLIFE on November 18, 1980 and requested the
benefits, pension and other fields.

latter to pay the amount of P643,125.00 as deficiency withholding tax at source for 1979 plus (2) Whether or not respondent Commissioner is barred by prescription, laches,
increments (Pages 62-64, BIR records). estoppel, or equitable considerations in cancelling the previous approval of petitioner's claim
for refund more than 5 years thereafter, after it has determined, after investigation, that the
Without protesting the assessment for the amount of P643,125.00 as deficiency withholding advisory services were rendered/performed abroad by the personnel of AIGI, a non-resident
tax at source for 1979, petitioners filed with this Honorable Court on June 14, 1985 the foreign corporation not doing business in the Philippines.
petition, docketed as C.T.A. Case No. 3943, seeking the annulment of said assessment."
(3) Whether or not respondent Court can amend its decision, on a motion for
(pp. 1-5, Dec; pp. 112-115, Orig. Rec.) reconsideration by respondent Commissioner, ordering petitioner Philamlife to pay
P643,125.00 with interest at 20% per annum until paid 'on the presumption that it has
After trial on the merits, respondent tax court rendered the above decision on March 10, utilized the tax credit memo already issued' (Ref. Decision, p. 14, line 7) and without any
1993. evidence being presented of actual usage of the tax credit memo."

Subsequently, both petitioners and respondent filed their respective motions for (pp. 4-5, Rollo)
reconsideration from said decision.
We find no merit in this petition.
On May 19, 1993, respondent tax court issued a resolution, to wit:
In their first assignment of error, petitioners insist that there is no legal nor factual bias for
"Both parties filed before this Court 'Motions for Reconsideration' of the decision dated the respondent court to conclude that the compensation paid for advisory services rendered
March 10, 1993 on March 26, 1993 (respondent) and April 22, 1993 (petitioners). outside the Philippines to petitioner AIGI, a non-resident foreign corporation not engaged in
trade or business in the Philippines, is considered "rentals and royalties from properties
This Court, after careful consideration of the motions, hereby: located in the Philippines" pursuant to Section 37 (a) (4) of the National Internal Revenue
Code. Petitioners contend that petitioner AIGI is not covered by the above provision of the
1. GRANTS the respondent's motion since the dispositive portion of the decision does Tax Code considering that it has no properties located in the Philippines from which rentals
not order the petitioner (PHILAMLIFE) to pay respondent the amount of P643,125.00; and and royalties can be derived.
2. DENIES the motion of the petitioners as it raises no new matters not already After a careful perusal of the facts and law of the case, we agree with respondent court's
considered and passed upon in the decision. ruling which comprehensively discusses the above issue, to wit:
IN VIEW OF THE FOREGOING, this Court hereby MODIFIES the dispositive portion of its "On the first issue, we quote the pertinent laws involved.
decision as follows: Section 37. Income from Services within the Philippines, (a) Gross income from
sources within the Philippines Ͷ the following items of gross income shall be treated as gross
"WHEREFORE, both petitions for review are hereby dismissed and petitioner PHILAMLIFE is
income from source within the Philippines.
hereby ordered to pay respondent the amount of P643,125.00 with interest at the rate of
(1) . . .
twenty (20) per centum per annum from March 9, 1981 until it is paid, without
(2) . . .
pronouncement as to cost."
(3) . . .
(4) Rentals and royalties Ͷ Rentals and royalties from properties located in the Philippines
or from any interest in such property, including rentals or royalties for Ͷ
(pp. 137-138, id.) (a) . . .
(b) . . .
Hence, the instant petition for review filed before this Court by PHILAMLIFE and AIGI. (c) The supply of scientific, technical, industrial or commercial knowledge or informations;
(d) The supply of any assistance that is auxiliary and subsidiary to, and is furnished as a
In the petition, PHILAMLIFE and AIGI raise the following issues, to wit: means of enabling the application or enjoyment of, any property, or right as is mentioned in
paragraph (a), any such equipment as is mentioned in paragraph (b) or any such knowledge
"(1) Whether or not compensation for advisory services admittedly performed abroad or information as is mentioned in paragraph (c); or
by the personnel of a non-resident foreign corporation not doing business in the Philippines (e) . . .
(AIGI) are subject to Philippines withholding income tax. (f) Technical advice, assistance or services rendered in connection with the technical
management and administration of any scientific, industrial or commercial undertaking,
venture, project of scheme; and

(g) . . . and growth, with petitioner AIGI deriving income form said agreement, petitioner AIGI is
(5) . . . well-within the ambit of Section 37 (a)(7) of the Tax Code.
(6) . . .
In our jurisprudence, the test of taxability is the 'source', and the source of an income is "that
activity . . . which produced the income" (Howden & Co., Ltd. vs. Collector of Internal
A reading of the various management services enumerated in the said Management Services Revenue, 13 SCRA 601, reiterated in Commissioner of Internal Revenue vs. Japan Air Lines,
Agreement will show that they can easily fall under any of the aforequoted expanded Inc., 202 SCRA 450). It is not the presence of any property from which one derives rentals and
meaning of royalties. Basically, from the heading 'Investments' to 'Personnel', the services royalties that is controlling, but rather as expressed under the expanded meaning of
call for the supply by the non-resident foreign corporation of technical and commercial "royalties", it includes " royalties for the supply of scientific, technical, industrial, or
information, knowledge, advice, assistance or services in connection with technical commercial knowledge or informations; and the technical advice, assistance or services
management or administration of an insurance business Ͷ a commercial undertaking. rendered in connection with the technical management and administration of any scientific,
Therefore, the income derived for the services performed by AIGI for PHILAMLIFE under the industrial or commercial undertaking, venture, project or scheme", and others (Section 37 (a)
said management contract shall be considered as income from services within the (7) as amended by P.D. 1457).
Philippines. AIGI being a non-resident foreign corporation not engaged in trade or business in
the Philippines 'shall pay a tax equal to thirty-five (35%) percent of the gross income received As to the second issue posited by petitioners, We find no compelling reason to differ with the
during each taxable year from all sources within the Philippines as interest, dividends, rents, correct observation of the lower court, to wit:
royalties (including remuneration for technical services), salaries, premiums, annuities,
emoluments or other fixed or determinable annual, periodical or casual gains, profits and "On the second issue, this Court believes that the rule on prescription of assessment and the
income and capital gains: . . . (Section 12(6) (I) of the National Internal Revenue Code. filing of formal protest will not apply in the C.T.A. Case No. 3943. The decision of the
(Underscoring for emphasis). Commissioner of Internal Revenue revoking the tax credit memo he has issued and issuing an
assessment accordingly was actually a denial of the claim for refund covering the 1979
As against the above legal provisions of law, petitioner in support of its stand cited the withholding tax at source which was previously granted. The original action that was filed by
opinion of the Revenue Examiner as concurred [in] by the Chief of the Appellate division that the Petitioner which precipitated the so refund filed by Petitioner. Therefore, the rules on
the income may be considered as derived from sources without the Philippines and therefore prescription of action in the case of recovery of tax erroneously or illegally collected shall
not subject to Philippine tax because the services were performed outside the Philippines. apply.
Pursuant to Section 37 (a)(3) of the Tax Code, compensation for labor or personal services
are considered from sources within the Philippines where the services are performed within Pursuant to Section 292 (now 230) of the NIRC 'no such suit or proceeding shall be begun
the Philippines and since the services were ascertained by the Examiner to have been after the expiration of two years from the date of payment of the tax or penalty regardless of
rendered outside the Philippines the same should not have been subjected to Philippine tax. any supervening cause that may arise after payment'. Although counting from the original
date of payment of the tax on December 3, 1979, the filing of the instant Petition for Review
The argument of the Petitioner may be true perhaps prior to the amendment of section on June 14, 1985 would appear to have been filed out of time, nevertheless, justice and
37(a)(4) by P.D. 1457 on June 11, 1978. Prior of said amendment, the term 'rentals or equity demand that the period during which respondent approved the herein claim for
royalties' has a very limited meaning. It refers only to rentals or royalties for 'the use of or for refund up to the time it was subsequently cancelled should be deducted from the counting of
the privilege of using in the Philippine patents, copyrights, secret processes and formulas, the two year prescriptive period. To interpret otherwise, will be opening an avenue for
goodwill, trademarks, trade brand, franchise and other like properties'. Prior to this respondent to technically deprive any legitimate claimant-taxpayer of his erroneously or
amendment the jurisprudence cited by Petitioner and marked as Exh. 'B' would apply which illegally paid taxes by simply granting the same at the start but only to be revoked later upon
states that 'in case of income derived from services, the factor which determines the source the expiration of the two year period. By deducting the period when Petitioner received the
of income is not the residence of the payor or the place where the contract for the services is tax credit memo on March 9, 1981 to May 15, 1985 when the same was cancelled by the
entered into or the place of payment. It is the place where the services are actually rendered' respondent only one year and four months had elapsed from the two year period of
(Par. 45. 33, Vol VIII, Merten's Law of Federal Income Taxation). However, when the said prescription when Petitioner filed CTA 3943 on June 4, 1985."
provision of law was amended to include the expanded meaning of royalties, this
jurisprudence is accordingly modified to exclude all the type of services enumerated in the (pp. 12-13, Dec. pp. 123-124, id.)
amended law."
Moreover, the Supreme Court in the recent case of Commissioner of Internal Revenue vs.
(pp. 6-10, dec. pp. 117-121, Orig Rec.) Procter & Gamble Philippine Manufacturing Corporation, 204 SCRA 377, ruled, to wit:

Thus, this Court rules that while it is true petitioner AIGI has no properties in the Philippines, "In like manner, petitioner Commissioner of Internal Revenue's failure to raise before the
agreement with petitioner PHILAMLIFE necessary for the latter company's efficient operation Court of Tax Appeals the issue relating to the real party in interest to claim the refund

cannot, and should not, prejudice the government. Such is merely a procedural defect. It is
axiomatic that the government can never be in estoppel, particularly in matters involving
taxes. Thus, for example, the payment by the tax-payer of income taxes, pursuant to a BIR
assessment does not preclude the government from making further assessments. The errors
or omissions of certain administrative officers should never be allowed to jeopardize the
government's financial position. (See: Phil. Long Distance Tel. Co. v. Coll. of Internal Revenue,
90 Phil. 674; Lewin v. Galang, L-15253, Oct. 31, 1960; Coll. of Internal Revenue v. Ellen Wood
McGrath, L-12710, L-12721, Feb. 28, 1961; Perez v. Perez, L-14874, Sept. 30, 1960; Republic
v. Caballero, 79 SCRA 179; Favis v. Municipality of Sabongan, L-26522, Feb. 27, 1963)."

Neither do We find error on the part of respondent tax court in amending its March 10, 1993
decision acting upon the timely motion for reconsiderations filed by both petitioner and
respondent. Said decision having not attained its finality, the same may still be amended,
corrected or modified by the Court (Adez Realty, Incorporated vs. Court of Appeals, 212 SCRA
623). As shown in its may 19, 1993 resolution, respondent tax court granted respondent
Commissioner's motion for reconsideration since the dispositive portion of the decision did
not order the petitioner PHILAMLIFE to pay public respondent the amount of P643,125.00
which amendment is supported by the findings of the respondent tax court.

Finally, in the case of Commissioner of Internal Revenue v. C.A., 204 SCRA 182, the Supreme
Court reiterated, to wit:

"Moreover, it has been the long standing policy and practice of this Court to respect the
conclusions of quasi-judicial agencies, such as the Court of Tax Appeals which, by the nature
of its function, is dedicated exclusively to the study and consideration of tax problems and
has necessarily developed an expertise on the subject, unless there has been an abuse or
improvident exercise of authority or discretion, the decision of respondent court, affirming
that of the Court of Tax Appeals, must consequently be upheld."

This Court does not find any cogent reason to depart from the above ruling as applied in the
instant case.

WHEREFORE, the instant petition for review is DISMISSED by the Court for lack of merit. The
respondent court's decision dated March 10, 1993 and order dated May 19, 1993 in C.T.A.
Cases Nos. 3504 and 3943 are hereby Affirmed. Costs against petitioners.


De Pano, Jr. and Verzola, JJ., concur.