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1 location The base station is located at Chepkoilel university college, Uashi Gishu District on land registration nmber: Uashin Gshu/L.R NO.11374 which belongs to Chepkoilel University college, P.O.box 3900, Eldoret, Kenya. The GPS coordinates of the station are :N 0034¶49.5 : E03518¶31.4 : altitude is 2147 -,+ 6m. The station is approximately 10 km from Eldoret town. The site can be accessed through eldoret Ziwa road. Rainfall in the district is high, reliable and evenly distributed. Rainfall ranges from 900-1200mm, occurring between the month of March and September with two distinct peaks in may and august. The dry spell starts in the month of November and end in February. Temperatures range between 8.4 C and 26C. (Uashin Gishu District Development plan 2002 ± 2008). There area o surface water bodies in the site are or within the radius of 200m and the area is well drained and not prone to flooding. Site vegetation is grass and scattered trees. 4.2 Immediate neighborhood and land use The building is located in Chepkoilel grounds. This building will be used for some activities like: 1. Research 2. Teaching 3. Extension This area is also used for livestock grassing. Adjacent to the building are some Chepkoilel building like School of Natural Resource management, School of Science, the ongoing library being build, water tank. Across the fence are a secondary school (Moi university-Chepkoilel secondary) and a nursery within 400m of the building. Again near the building are the university gates and a post office. 4.3 infrastructures The most important infrastructure comprises of water, electricity and telephone services available from the National grid lines.

4.O.box 3900. The GPS coordinates of the station are : N 0034¶49. Clearing of the terrain b.+ 6m. Site decommission 4.4 : altitude is 2147 -. Pre construction phase Study and design Preliminary work b. The building will be for educational ourposes.2 Site installation 4.4. 4. The station is approximately 10 km from Eldoret town.4.R NO.5 : E03518¶31.4 Construction activities 4. Construction phase Laying foundation and masonry work Equipment installation c.11374 which belongs to Chepkoilel University college.4.1 Preliminary work a. 4. Post construction Operation and maintenance d.1 Design of the project The base station is located at Chepkoilel university college. Kenya. Construction of temporary storage c. The site can be accessed through eldoret Ziwa road.4. Uashi Gishu District on land registration number: Uashin Gshu/L.4.4 The building project. Mobilization of machine and equipment . Eldoret.4. P.3 Phase of the project The main phases in the project were as follows: a.

actions.4.4.5 Site decommission The objective of decommissioning phase is to make the place equivalent or better than its original condition upon decommission.4.4. The outline of objectives.d.4. mitigation measures and allocation of responsibilities pertaining to prevention. Transportation 4.4 Operation and maintenance Laying foundation and masonry work Construction of temporary fencing on the site Trench excavation Laying of trenches Disposal of excavated debris Erection of walls 4.4.4. minimization and monitoring of all potential impacts associated with the decommissioning and closure of the facility are outlined in table 4.3 Equipment installation 4. activities. Its important to outline basic measures that will require being undertaken once all operation have ceased. Action Landscaping Cleaning of all waste from the ground Responsible party Time frame . Its recommended that a detailed audit be carried out at the decommissioning phase of the project cycle.

This calls for the comparison of feasible alternative for the proposed project site. technology and/or operational alternative.PROJECT ALTERATIVES Introduction The consideration of alternatives is one of the sides of environmental assessment enhancing the project design through examining options instead of only focusing on the defensive task of reducing adverse impacts of a single design. are designed to avoid environmental damage in accordance with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act1999(EMCA. would not occur. the proponent¶s proposal would no receive the necessary approval from the university management. and when diligently implemented will help to protect the physical. suitability under local condition. Commitments include in this project report. including best construction management practice. Alternatives have been compared in terms of their potential environmental impacts. ecological and socio-economic environment of the project area. have been recommended in this project report.1999) . Mitigation for the proposed action Mitigation measures. and acceptability by neighboring and users. as well as licenses and other authorized that would be issued. The resultant socio-economic benefits that would be created by the proposed development would therefore be foregone and the anticipated impacts resulting from construction. capital and recurrent costs. Alternatives including the proposed action The no action alternative Under the no action alternative. and operation of the development as proposed.

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