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Straight vs. In this report. Posture and stance Gestures Facial expressions Eye contact There are major differences between male and female body language. curved 3. Is your body language telling the world that you're a male or a female? If you're not sure. I'm going to show you how to fine tune your “body talk” so you can give off the signals of a sexy. confident woman. POSTURE AND STANCE The three biggest differences between the way men and women hold their bodies are: 1. weight neutral . 2. Open vs.INTRODUCTION FACT: Nonverbal communication counts for at least 50% of communication. Your body talks through: 1. 3. Weight forward vs. 4. closed 2. then chances are you're communicating as a MAN.

Men display their “power” by sitting and standing with their legs spread and their elbows out. Closed The #1 body language rule you need to remember is that women take up less space than men. Studies have shown that open body positions are associated with a display of power. a closed stance also makes you appear physically smaller. .Open vs. Besides making you look more passive and feminine. while women keep their limbs closer to their bodies.

including the way they hold their bodies. Curved Sexy women are all about curves. . They sit and stand in angles. Making an s-curve with your body (by balancing your weight on one side) has the added benefit of making your body look more voluptuous.Straight vs. rather than curves. Men's bodies are more linear. Women tend make s-shaped curves when they sit or stand.

. . Women tend to keep their weight neutrally balanced and hold their bodies in more receptive positions.Weight Forward vs. Weight Neutral Men are always giving off subtle displays of power. . Another way they display power is by leaning forward – as if they are constantly poised for action.. let's talk about specific do's and don'ts for each part of the body. Now that you know the 3 major differences between male and female stances.

DO'S AND DONT'S – STANDING Posture ● DON'T slouch or stand with poor posture. feminine posture: Chest lifted and tummy in. DO keep your weight balanced over your heels. DO stand with beautiful. Most of us have poor posture due to sitting in front of the computer all day. DON'T lean forward with your shoulders or head. ● ● ● .

. DO keep your weight on one foot only. giving you that sexy s-curve.Legs and Feet ● ● ● DON'T stand with your legs apart. DO keep your knees together at all times. This causes the hip on the supporting side of your body to jut out.

These positions give you a closed off. Imagine you are standing on a clock and turn both feet out slightly so they are pointing at 11:00 and 2:00.● DON'T stand with pigeon toes. DO position your feet in a “clock pose”. defensive look. Normal women don't stand like this unless they're on the catwalk. A lot of women (including celebrities) do this. ● . ● Arms and Hands ● DON'T cross your arms or stuff your hands in your pockets. DON'T an over the top hands-on-the-hips supermodel pose. but it looks awkward. Place the heel of one foot into the crook of the opposite foot.

Holding a purse. Resting your elbow on the opposite hand. Clasping your hands in front of you. Try: ○ Placing one hand on your waist with the other arm relaxed beside you. ○ ○ ○ .● DO find an attractive position for your arms.

DO'S AND DON'TS – SITTING Posture ● ● DON'T slouch in your seat or lean forward too much.Head ● ● ● ● DON'T hang your head. parallel to the floor. DO sit with good posture with your weight evenly balanced. DON'T lead with your head. DO keep your earlobes over your shoulders. DO keep your chin up. .

● ● . DO cross your legs at the feet or ankle. but it's all too easy to slip into old habits – especially when you are relaxing.Legs and Feet ● DON'T spread your legs. I know this is common sense. A lady ALWAYS keeps her knees together. DO try sitting with your weight on one hip to create a feminine scurve.

● DON'T stick your feet out if you've got long legs. ● . You might trip somebody. DO keep your feet tucked under you.

Resting your elbow on the opposite hand. Try: ○ ○ Clasping your hands in your lap. DO find a graceful position for your arms. .Arms and Hands ● ● DON'T cross your arms.

● ● DON'T stick your elbows out. Head ● DO tilt your head slightly. DO keep your elbows tucked into your body at all times. (Don't overdo it!) A slight head tilt gives you a demure look. .

Avoid nervous movements like twirling your hair. They tend to use their hands a lot when they talk. DO'S AND DONT'S – GESTURES ● DON'T fidget. A basic rule of thumb is that women are more expressive with their gestures. DO use your hands to emphasize what you are saying. DON'T make jerky or clumsy gestures. DO use graceful movements. shaking your leg. ● ● ● . you risk knocking things over or whacking other people. If your arms are long.GESTURES Gestures are a big part of body language. The easiest way to make your movements more graceful is to KEEP YOUR ELBOWS TUCKED IN. or peeling the labels off your beer bottles.

Confidence is half the battle to passing as a woman. People who look you in the eye appear confident and sincere. . The expressions you make say as much as the words that come out of your mouth. People who don't make eye contact are either insecure or have something to hide. What feels “neutral” to you may come across as grumpy to others. DO greet clerks. Women tend to make pleasant faces. while men keep their game faces on. DO'S AND DON'TS – FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ● DON'T wear a stoic expression. DO make eye contact and hold it for a second or two. DO'S AND DON'TS – EYE CONTACT ● ● DON'T avoid people's eyes. ● ● EYE CONTACT Eye contact is a major way to gage how a person feels. and people you meet with a smile – even if they're strangers. You need to practice making your face look more friendly and open. Keep the corners of your mouth turned slightly up at all times. waiters. Look people in the eye (no matter how nervous you feel) and you are a lot more likely to be accepted. They smile more at strangers. DO put on a pleasant face.FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Your face says volumes about you.

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