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NAME: __________________________________________________________________________

1- Change these sentences to INTERROGATIVE and NEGATIVE forms.

a- I am a Brazilian pianist. ________________________________________________?

b- Mary is cooking dinner.________________________________________________?
c- Jennifer is in the living room.____________________________________________?
d- Linda and I are dentists.________________________________________________?
e- Betsy is an Italian dancer._______________________________________________?
f- You are an engineer.___________________________________________________?
g- The Smiths are at home in the yard._______________________________________?
h- Suzanne is preparing breakfast.__________________________________________?
i- The dog is in the yard.__________________________________________________?
j- My friend is playing video games.________________________________________?

2- Rewrite the sentences using HE, SHE, IT, WE, YOU or THEY.

a- The Browns are in the cafeteria. _________________________________________

b- My dogs are sleeping. _________________________________________________
c- Jenny and I are playing the guitar.________________________________________
d- Jean and you are neighbors._____________________________________________
e- Ben is doing his homework. ____________________________________________
f- Mia’s cat is furry. _____________________________________________________
g- Paulette and I are working. _____________________________________________
h- Joanne is a language teacher.____________________________________________
i- Bill and Anne are from India. ___________________________________________
j- Peter is an architect. ___________________________________________________

3- Complete using the PRESENT CONTINUOUS.

a- My friends and I _______________________ to music now. (listen)

b- Rupert _________________________ spaghetti. (cook)
c- My mother ______________________ TV now. (watch)
d- ____________ the students ____________________ English now? (study)
e- __________ Greg _______________? (dance)
f- My teacher ________________________ the piano. (not; play)
g- Paul’s dogs __________________________ at the moment. (not; sleep)
h- Harry and Jill __________________________ in the bedroom. (sing)
i- I ________________________ lunch. (cook)
j- The students ___________________________ a book. (read)

4- Complete the answers.

a- Are you a student? Yes, __________________.

b- Is Bob an actor? No, __________________.
c- Are you and your friends Brazilian? Yes, ________________.
d- Is Vincent a photographer? No, _________________.
e- Are the dogs eating? Yes, _________________.
f- Are Billy and Mary friends? Yes, ______________.
g- Is today a beautiful day? No, __________________.
h- Is your father a dentist? Yes, ________________.
i- Are you and your sister good students? Yes, _________________.
j- Is Dianne a pianist? No, ______________________.

5- Answer the questions.

a- Are you American or Brazilian?_____________________________________

b- Is your father cooking now?_________________________________________
c- What are you doing now?___________________________________________
d- Is your mother sleeping now?_______________________________________
e- Where are you from?______________________________________________
f- Where’s your teacher from?_________________________________________
g- What’s your father’s name?_________________________________________
h- Are you and your friends in the classroom now?_________________________
i- Is your teacher reading a book now?__________________________________
j- What is your father doing now?______________________________________
k- Are you in the kitchen or in the classroom?_____________________________
l- Is your father a doctor?_____________________________________________

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