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1. Choose the correct word in brackets to complete these sentences

1) It´s raining a lot (but /so) it´s warm.

2) He´s cleaning the house (besides/because) it´s very dirty.
3) I think the building is ugly. (furthermore/ on the other hand) some people
say it looks marvelous.
4) John is short, (and/ whereas) Mary is tall.
5) The kids didn't study. (therefore/ although) they failed the course.
6) Karen is rich; (however/ and) her cousin Kate is poor.
7) He didn't earn enough money. (consequently/ whereas) his wife decided to
leave him.
8) That house isn't big enough for us (moreover/ but) it's too expensive.
9) We have plenty of money and workers; (thus/however) we hope to finish
the house remodeling soon
10) She's extremely rich;(although/ as a result) she's not snobbish.

2. Complete these sentences with the correct word

But Consequently Because In addition Besides

Although So Furthermore

1) The computers in the university are very well protected _________________

the virus can invade it too

2) _______________ The number of tourists visiting our country may fall next year,
we expect better spending rates.

3) We have bought a new car recently _______________ we cannot afford to go on

holiday this summer.

4) The play was very boring ______________ we left after the first act.

5) She don’t have any cent ______________ she spent all the money in the casino
6) He has to take photos of the places he visits. ________________, he’s keeping a
diary of his journey.

7) There is an old medieval church in the town. ______________ town hall dates
back to 1943.

8) I’m to busy to take a holiday. ______________ my passport is out of date.