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Nam Chu Hoai

Professor Zlateva

Course CAS WR098

Outline to “Natural Selection” by Charles Darwin

- idea of natural selection is new

- natural selection is responsible for the great variety of animals and for example their


- outer appearance affects surviving chances

- in the long run, positive traits that favor the survival/reproduction chances manifest in

the offspring/future generations

- this includes the building of social structures that benefit everyone

- natural selection includes sexual selection

- males that are more attractive to the females of the species are more likely to

reproduce themselves and give along their specific traits

- shown at several examples, e.g. birds

- also illustration of natural selection at preying wolves and how different prey influences

the creation of different variants of wolves

List of vocabulary:

- prey

- correlation

- domestication
- pecularities

- indomitable courage

They Say I say Templates:

- According to both Friedman and Fishman, our current Generation Q is indeed more

silent than the previous generations.

- Indeed, it is highly likely that the silence of our generation is the result of the

technologic revolution and the instant availability of information, as Fishman pointed


- Anyone familiar with globalization should agree that the high interconnectivity of

people, markets and ressources can be both a chance as well as a danger to our

global society.

- Friedman is right that globalization has shifted the power from nations to markets and


- However, it is simply not true that the Internet only has negative effects on our