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English phonetics and phonology

Transcription – introductory exercises

Exercise 1
From Hancock (2003: 137).
Note: In A2 below, disregard <r>, even if you think it will not be pronounced (as in e.g. Standard British English).

Exercise 2
From Hancock (2003: 131).
English phonetics and phonology – Transcription – Weckwerth –

Exercise 3
From Hancock (2003: 131).

Exercise 4
Find errors in the transcriptions below and provide correct transcriptions. There is only one error in each word.
Based on Ladefoged, Peter. 2001. A course in phonetics. (4th edition.) Boston: Heinle & Heinle. Pages 32–33.

Word Faulty transcription Should be

crime /craɪm/
wishing /ˈwɪshɪŋ/
wives /waɪvs/
stopping /ˈstɒppɪŋ/
yelling /ˈyelɪŋ/
sixteen /sɪxˈtiːn/
juice /dʒuɪs/
climb /klaɪmb/
cop /kop/
leave /lɪːv/
hand /hend/
broad /broʊd/
split /split/
wall /uɔːl/
file /fajl/

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