Billy Foshay IB English Mrs.

Kober 27 October 2010 House of Spirits Commentary Rough Draft Isabelle Allende shows the dreamlike reality Blanca is expiriancing as she walks toward the river in hopes of seeing her lover, Pedro Tercero. Allende incorporates vivid imagery along with similes to make Blanca¶s walk out to be a dream come true. Allende begins the visualization of Blanca¶s walk by personifying ³the fields´ which were ³shaking off their sleep´. The personification used by Allende shows everything waking up from a nights sleep. In effect, the reader knows the walk is taking place early in the morning, when the earth is just beginning to wake up. At the end of the passage Blanca¶s ³unknown pleasures´ were ³awakened´. The personification of Blanca¶s ³unknown pleasures´ expresses Blanca¶s happiness toward the scene. Additionally, the personification of both ³shaking off sleep´ and ³awakening´ symbolize Blanca¶s realization and awakening of her life. As she walks through the dreamlike atmosphere, she realizes everything that she has wanted has come true. Throughout the passage, Allende creates an ³enchanted dream´ by use of vivid imagery. By describing the scene as having ³blurred edges of things´, Allende is able to allow the reader to envision a dream. The blurred edges add a mystical element to Allende¶s writing. In effect, the reader comes to the realization that Blanca is walking through what seems to be like a dream. The structure of Allendes sentences adds even more depth to the dream verses the reality Blanca is feeling. The long first sentence is followed two short choppy sentences that snap the reader back into the reality of the scene. ³Everything was still quiet´ as Blanca continued to walk to her destination. Allende¶s diction as Blanca¶s footsteps ³crushed the fallen leaves´ contrasts to show the silence. Walking over leaves in a normal setting does not yield much noise at all. The word ³crushed´ connotes a loud noise, and ultimately leads the reader to believe Blanca is the only one making noise ³in the vast sleeping space´. The use of sleeping makes the reader question whether Blanca is in the dream or experiencing a reality.

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