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This is to answer the question:

What grade do I need on the final to get a _________ in the course?

Grade calculator: Example:

Score that
% of final grade
(R19 fields
received Steps: (in this order!) % of final
grade (R19
33,34) (R2) 1) Go to R3-R10-R19, and enter fields 33,34)
L1 the % of course grade for each L1 10
L2 lesson and exam. L2 10
L3 L3 10
L4 2) Go to R2, and enter the L4 10
L5 grade that the student received L5 10
L6 for each lesson/exam (be aware L6 10
L7 that two grades may be present L7
L8 if the student resubmitted…use L8
L9 the better grade). L9
L10 L10
L11 3) If the student doesn't know the L11
L12 % grading scale for the course L12
L13 (ie "I want an A" but they don't L13
L14 know what % an A is"), L14
L15 look it up on the course manual L15
L16 under "Let's talk about your L16
L17 grade" (for paper) or under "How L17
L18 to succeed" (web). L18
L19 L19
L20 4) Enter the desired course grade L20
L21 in the yellow field below (ie 90). L21
L22 The blue field will show what the L22
L23 student needs to get on the final L23
L24 for the desired course grade! L24
L25 L25
L26 p.s. Until you fill in the % of grade L26
L27 and the grades received on L's and L27
L28 exams (minus the final), you may L28
L29 get weird numbers. Don't worry! L29
L30 Fill it all out as above, and it will L30
M1 be fine. M1 15
M2 M2
M3 M3
M4 M4
F #DIV/0! F 25
0 100
Course Grade Desired:

should be 100 should be 100

if you did it right Currently, the student's grade is if you did it
should be 100
if you did it
the green number: right
### %
(only fill in the R19's for the completed
lessons and exams to use this feature)

Score that


Here, the student needs to get an 83.2%

83.2 on the final to get a course grade of 80%

Course Grade Desired:

80 %

Going into the final, this student

has the green grade:
78.93 %