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MERLIN 64 The Macro Assembler For The Commodore 64 Register now for support and upgrades! Dear Customers: PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS SOFTWARE REGISTRATION CARD. It leis us know you're using ‘our product, and is our ONLY way of contacting you in the future regarding updates. RWP offers substantial savings on the price of future leases of this software to registered owners, but we can only notify you if you remm this card. Te also entitles you to TELEPHONE SUPPORT, weekdays, 8:30 - 4:00 pm PST. There is no time limit to support on this product as long. as itis still produced by RWP, so please return this card TODAY! THANKS! STAMP HERE Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc. 1050 Pioneer Way » Suite P El Cajon, CA 92020 9,9 Roger Wagner Publishing, Ine, ™ SOFTWARE REGISTRATION FORM THANK YOU for purchasing our product, Mew sanplele Ail return thls form to recelve PROGRAM URDATHA ail ‘TECHNICAL SUPPORT Program Name: oat Version Number (from Tile sores) Lica aan ‘Telephone (elude Area Code) Date Purchased: “areas Pr ‘Whore Purchased: Sue Aatrese, 1/7 Ire a | What isthe make end model of your computer? What the make and model of Your printer? Which do you ovm? CJMouse Modem (aige RAM Cat Oier cards ee ow did you select his program? (1 SatespersonyDema Name (RWP) Recognition [Advertisements []Frents Recommendation Primary use for this product? L)Home L] Business [Education (J Other What is your overall pinion ofthis product? Tow can we improve this produc Do you own a similar product? It so, which? Do you ovm other RWP products? If so, which? ‘What ipes of sotware do you purchase? LIvome CiBusiness Cl Uiies EAveatonal Games Cotter Do you write your ovn proprans? ClY¥es EIN tyes, whic?) Professional C)Peronal Use Both What pes of programs co you vrte? What computer magazines do you read ditional comments: