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Paid For By Friends Of Kristin Davis, Treasurer Andrew Miller 55

W. 25th Street Suite 25L New York, NY 10010
Unlike the politicians in Albany Kristin Davis was held accountable. She
supplied Call girls for Eliot Spitzer. When the scandal broke she went prison
and he went unpunished.
With a background in finance and hedge funds, Kristin Davis founded and ran a
multi-million escort service, issued 1099s to the girls who worked for her, paid her
taxes. By the time she was 28 she was making $5 million a year after taxes.
Kristin Davis pled quilty to one count of promoting prostitution and served four
months on Rikers Island. Kristin Davis did the crime-and did her time. She paid her
debt to society. What about Spitzer, Paterson,Espada,Rangel, Lopez
and Hevesi?

Now Kristin Davis is back, as a woman’s rights activist, feminist,

libertarian and advocate for personal and economic freedom.

Davis stands for:

• Ending the prohibition on gay marriage
• Ending the prohibition on marijuana to generate $1.2 B in new tax
revenues and 50,000 jobs
• Ending the prohibition on Casino gambling to generate $2 B in
new tax revenue and 25,000 jobs