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Two cylinder plates, each one covered with 2 magnets-two south and two north-,
connected together with cylindrical metal, which covered with rubber band.

2.Function? Generate motion. and using this motion for machines instead of other motors that work with fuel.

3.Materials? Rubber, wheel made of steel, magnets.

4.Dimenstions? 100 length, 90 width. Or 2 meter length 1.5 meter width.

5.Surface Quality? smooth.

6.Production process?

First , product two cylinder plates then product three cylindrical metal, product the rubber band
product the plugs, product three bucklers.

Second, put two north and two south magnets in every cylinder plate, put magnet in every plug.

Third, put the cylindrical metal inside the two cylinder plates cover the cylindrical metal with the
buckler. Pass the other two cylindrical metal through the plugs, each cylindrical metal in different
side, in another meaning, on cylindrical metal connected with the plugs in the right side and the
other on the left side. Then put the two cylindrical metal inside the bucklers. After that cover the
three bucklers with the rubber band., notice the right and the left cylindrical plates consist of four
plugs each plug has a different magnet magnet .

7.Special treatment Requirements? No temperature above 50.