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Common fungi can be found with yeasts,
rusts, mushrooms, truffles, puffballs.
They are found nearly everywhere.

This picture is a mushroom with

These parasites absorb nutrients from
their surroundings. There are jellylike,
brown and slimy green and dusty or tall
and white. Some fungi can survive times
when the weather turns hot and dry and
even some of them are deadly poisonous.
Loves moist and shady places and don¶t
need sun. They love damp areas and live
in mountain tops, woods, parks, and
grow on gardens. They also grow in or
out of animals causing Dutch elm disease,
or athlete foot.
Jthlete foots

They are used to make bread, blue cheese and

beer. They also pass on nutrients for trees.
Fungi that produce penicillin kill harmful
Fungi reproduce 2 different ways: sexually
and asexually. When fungi reproduce sexually
the male and female cells fuse, to produces
spores inside a fruiting body such as

Fungi can also reproduce asexually. When you

see mold growing on bread, oranges or on old
leather, you are looking at millions of tiny
spores growing on little stalks. These mold
fungi are reproducing by simply making little
copies of them.
Fungi also reproduce asexually
by vegetative growth, when a new fungus
grows straight out of the parent fungus. This
takes place under the surface of the soil, on
rotting logs or on other substances on which
the fungus lives.