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Published by: Yaso Thar on Oct 27, 2010
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• It is estimated that 20 deaths in 1988 including Jesse Colson 17 year old pizza driver. speeds kills.SUMMARY. • Kinney one of the critic has asked Domino’s to abolish the 30 min rule. • Delivery of Pizza within 30 min. • Domino’s case at least . • “ A license to speed” .

putting great pressure on drivers.violation of “1970.old drivers of Domino’s ” 30 .Legal critics…. • State department of labor is investigating the min rule”.. Occupational safety and Health Act” • Hingst spokesperson of Domino’s says “the 30 min rule is very important for our customers” • 30 min rule act as an inherent encouragement.

formal as well as informal….wants to abolish the “30 min guarantee”… Domino’s says “ we are taking a lot of heat now” What’s up ?! .All the critics .

cold calling. direct-mail selling. . telephone selling.Related theory • Direct marketing Direct marketing means selling products by dealing directly with consumers rather than through intermediaries. • Traditional methods include mail order. and door-to-door calling.

and on-line computer shopping have been developed. direct radio selling. .More recently telemarketing. magazine and TV advertising.

A question for solution… • 30 minute guarantee • Growing legal actions and critics against the delivery policy. • Challenging infrastructure and weather conditions. • Employing drivers under 18 by the franchisees. .

Solution • 30 minute guarantee should be removed • Customization of current distribution locations • Innovative distribution policy • Adding new flavors on the basis of regional tastes • Play up with the quality .

keeping in view that the company built its market on the plank of 30 minute rule.Questions for discussion • Suggest suitable course of action for Domino’s Pizza. .

Solution • Growing critics will be chance to the competitors to capture the market. So abolishing the 30 minute policy and adopting a policy with safety measures will be suitable. .

Question • Analyse the challenges faced by Domino Pizza and comment upon their distribution policies. .

Solution 1. 2. Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices Franchise fluctuations 3. Intensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitors Weather conditions and infrastructure in the rural area operations affected by currency exchange .

.Not a guarantee…….

Innovation…. •Innovation – choco lava cake launched in the year 2009 .

Conclusion • “ the manual literally leaves nothing to chance”. . so domino’s can continue their playing with taste and quality of the pizzas themselves.


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