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Installation of Novell Client for Windows

Note: Please ensure that you are connected to the IIMBNT network before attempting
to install the Novell client. This document has been written for Windows XP OS.

♦ Click on START button and choose Run. Type the following command:

♦ If it asks for login [ Login as common and no password ]

♦ You can see the shares available in the server. Currently, we have a share called

Right click Software directory and choose Map Network Drive. Choose a Drive to
be mapped to (I have chosen Q:). Click Finish.
A new window opens up displaying software available in the share as shown below:

♦ Go to the Network Mapped Drive and Select the following path:

Q:\Clients\Novell\Novell Client 4.91e for Win NT 2k & XP

 Double click setupnw.exe

♦ Click YES as Shown Below

♦ Follow the Instructions on the screen.

♦ Select Typical and click on Install as show below

♦ Click No.

 Click Reboot and the System will Reboot

After the System Reboot You can login using your Novel Login ID and password.

But before that, you need to select the Tree, Context & Server. Click on Advanced on
Novell Login. Select the following:

 Tree: IIMB
 Context: PGP2006.STUDENTS.USER (or PGP<YEAR> as appropriate)
 Server: IIMB_NOVELL1

Click OK to login to Novel client.