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Name: ______________________ Create a Country

Assignment ESL 1D

Create and draw a map + pictures for an imaginary country.

Show the following on your map:

 the name of your country

 the physical and human characteristics of your imaginary country
 the interaction between people and the environment (depend,
adapt, modify)
 movements
 regions in your country

Answer the following 5 questions:

1. What landmarks are in your country?

(remember, these can be natural or created by humans)

2. Explain the interaction between people and the environment in your


3. How do different things move in your country? Explain. (Do not just
talk about people)
4. What regions are there in your country? Explain why they are regions.

5. Describe the weather in your country and how it affects the people of
your country.


All requirements for map have been met: ____ /5

Map & pictures are coloured + creativity: ____/5
5 questions have been answered fully: ____/5

TOTAL ____/15