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Server: Ajanta

Build: CCS_V6_PFM13_JDE13_23Oct10
1) Create a CPS case by logging as ccsintakeworker in the application
2) Add a participant(unregistered) with role as Alleged Victim & another partici
pant(unregistered) with role as Alleged Maltreter
3) Run Assesments & then add a new allegation (Don't add Address data in the New
Allegation modal.)
4) Approve the case

1) Create an Investigation case for the above case.

2) In the Particpants tab page, Register all the Participants.
3) Select New from the Allegations tab page.
4) In the New Allegation modal,Enter the Address data & Mandatory fields only &
hit save.
5) Select Dispose Menu item from the list action in the Allegations page
6) Enter all the Mandatory fields in the Dispose Allegation modal & hit save.

Issue: Dispose Allegation modal doesn't save & throws up a message-

"The details entered in Address fields or the location type selected have not be
en saved,
as the location of allegation is selected to be same as alleged victim's address

1) Dispositon can be done when we don't enter address data in the New Allegation
{Intake} modal.
2) Disposition can be done in the New Allegation modal {Investigation}, by enter
ing the disposition details.
3) Disposition can't be done only when, we enter Address data in the New Allegat
ion modal {Investigation/Intake} &
dispose the Allegation by Selecting Dispose Menu item from the list menu in
Allegations page {Investigation}