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SUBJECT:- 3107-Salesforce Management

Date of Submission:-
23 August 2010 SANDEEP JAIN
3rd Year MBA(PT)
5th Semester
; Roll No –N-49
Process of placing Home Delivery Order for Pizza
1. Customer calls the retail outlet to place a home delivery order for
Pizza. Alternatively ordering of the pizza can be done online on few of
the pizza delivery companies.

2. Operator at outlet answers call usually it is answered with in a minute

& answering person starts with routine prepared script in welcome

a. if the customer has called for the first time prompts for name,
phone number, address for records

b. if it is a repeat customer the operator welcomes the customer.

3. Asks the customer to place an order, if required the customer is

provided information on the options available in the menu. The
customer is also informed about any ongoing offers or promotions.

4. After the customer has placed an order the operator informs the
customer about the billed amount and reconfirms the delivery address
& cost to customer.

5. The confirmed order details are forwarded to the kitchen for


a. The raw materials used while preparing the order is collected

and debited in the inventory system

b. Order is prepared as requested

6. The prepared order is forwarded to the dispatch section for delivery to

the customer

7. The dispatch section delivers to the customer

a. Finds the customer address

b. Collects the billed amount from the customer

c. Order is delivered to the customer

8. The billed amount is submitted to the cashier and the order status is
marked as complete.