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Solitary Group Derric Saville October 27, 2010 I belong to a group of just one, dont mistake my open tolerance

and acceptance, as tacit acknowledgement of inclusion, in your group. You may wish to bestow upon me, certain rights withheld to all but those, who swing right or left, swish to and fro, but there are no others like me, in your group. I sit astride the center middle, a centrist weeble looking up and down, instead of leaning left or right, there are too many impassioned sycophants, in your group. You may present me with an imperious plea, as to why Id abide your kith, but the ilk of yours embraces radicals, whose ideas embarrass the moderate members, in your group.

Ill rise up in my seat to protect the misbegotten few, upon whose rights the mighty loudly seek to tread, but Im not to follow blindly, once your voice begins to echo off the nodding one and others not within your group. You may think I have abandoned your cause, when all Ive really done is helped you realize, your voice is useful when called in unison, a cadent rallying cry to move the others in your group. I and you, and you and them, and them and I, can never be as one, though sloshed together in one bowl, with the dearth of understanding, we acknowledge I must reside alone, in my solitary group.