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Published by: shaikh_asalim1829 on Oct 27, 2010
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Subject: Database Download work schedule Dear staff, As per following schedule download articles From EBSCO databs

and store in ftp server. (ftp:\\ User Name Staff and Pw a#123) Kindly download last five years only. Duration one month. Please feel free to have any problems. Regards Mangesh

Mr Chaudhary and team International journal of marketing research (IIMP) Journal of Marketing Research (IIMP) Ms Rohini and team International journal of advertising (ISC) California management review (ISC) International journal of production research (ISC) Industrial and labor relations review (ISC) Ms. Mamta and Team Business ethics quarterly (ICP) Journal of Money credit and Banking (ICP) The journal of finance (ICP) The academic of Management Review (ICP) Ms Damayanti and team Quarterly journal of economics (IICS) HBR (IICS) Mr. Salim and team The review of economics and statistic (ISCS) Customer Relation Management (ISCS)

Mr. Dayanand and team HRM Journal (ISBS) Journal of human Resource (ISBS) .

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