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firm or individual who performs intermediation between two or more parties in a financial context Entity that connects surplus and deficit agents .Introduction An institution.

Types Banking Non-Banking .

Controller Public Sector Banks: State Bank of India and its subsidiaries Nationalised Banks Private Sector Banks Old and New Generation Foreign Banks .BANKING INSTITUTIONS Reserve Bank of India.

BANKING INSTITUTIONS Co.Operative Banks : State Co-Operative Banks Central Co-Operative Banks Primary Agricultural Credit societies Land Development Banks Urban Co-Operative Banks State Land Development Banks .

NON-BANKING INSTITUTIONS LIC of India and other Insurance Companies Unit Trust of India Mutual Funds Foreign Institutional Investors Pension Funds .

Banking Finance Companies :  Leasing  Hire purchase  Consumer Finance  Venture capital Funds  Merchant Banking firms  Credit Rating Agencies  Factoring and Forfeiting organisations  Housing Finance Companies  Stock Broking firms  Depositories .NON-BANKING INSTITUTIONS Indian Non.

FUNCTIONS Issue Management Underwriting Portfolio Management Corporate Counselling Stock Broking  Syndicated Credit  Arranging Foreign Collaboration Services  Mergers and Acquisitions  Debenture Trusteeship  Capital Restructuring .

Advantages Less risky Liquidity Cost advantage Economies of scope .

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