The Secret of Grisly Manor Walkthrough

by diemkay

1. You don't need to read the paper in this scene. It doesn't provide with any details that you will need later in the game. 2. The letter is signed by your grandfather - he tells you that news of his disappearance has been greatly exaggerated and that he has something to show you. You take that you have to solve all the clues in order to see what it is he's prepared. 3. Touch the stone to the right of the staircase. Remove the stone and take the skeleton key. Go back. Use the key on the front door. (Notice the frogs guarding the entrance - they are not a clue) 4. You are in the foyer. Tap the top right corner of the carpet to reveal a hidden area. Something shiny has fallen under the grate. You can't get it now. Zoom out and then look at the staircase - a small keyhole is set into one of the steps. We'll come back to that. 5. Go to the dining room to your left. Take the matches from the table. Observe the candy machine. Observe the cuckoo clock and the mechanism to turn the dials. We'll come back to them later. (The buffet and the stained glass are not of huge importance) 6. Go back to the foyer. The door in front of you is locked. Go into the room to your right. Observe the globe and the colour-coded lock on it. Notice the word 'Study' as it will give you a clue as to where the solution is. Look at the empty fireplace and right above it on the mantelpiece 3 eagles carved in wood. Zoom in and look at the rectangle-shaped recipient that's closed to you now. Back in the room, look at the chess piece - it's missing a white piece. 7. Go into the kitchen. The fridge has a lot of coloured letter magnets on it. The drawer is missing a knob and you can't open it but you can open the freezer. Something is stuck inside the ice. You can't take it yet - you need something to break the ice! 8. Open the door and go outside. Look at that tree stump - it has a recipient in the middle. Something could fit in there - but what? Walk a bit further to the shed. 9. Pick up a log from the wood pile. Have a look at the strange metal plaque with a ear and speaker. What can you use on here to open the door? 10. Go back to the house and into the foyer. Going up the stairs, have a look at the painting. There's a piece of paper stuck in the frame - pick it up. There's a twodigit code and a dash, suggesting you need the other half. 11. Go upstairs. More rooms to explore!

12. Go into the first to your right. It's grandpa's bedroom - the bed is made and that is "unusual" of him. Look at the piggy bank on the night stand. There seems to be something in there but you'll need something to open it. Look at the butterfly collection on the wall; it looks like you can pick up the jewelled butterfly.

13. Save it for later, it will come in handy. Meanwhile, there's one last photo to look at on the wall. It's a car you drew as a child in your 'cubist' period. Grandpa kept it for a reason: the 4 wheels represent a clue.

14. Think of them as segments on a clock: 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 8 o'clock if it helps. 15. Go out and head to the next room, second to your right. It's a girl's room. Pick up the fish bowl to your right; you'll need that later. There doesn't seem to be much here, does it? Wrong - look under the bed. What's that? It's a chess piece. No one knows how it got there. Take it with you and leave the room.

16. Go into the bathroom and look at those tiles! That's a hidden room right there, isn't it? And what's that on the wall? It looks like an enormous bolt. The bath tub doesn't look to happy either - but at least the water is running. At the moment it's just flowing down the drain with nothing to stop it. Leave the bathroom. 17. The last room is locked right now. But there's one more - just between the bathroom and the second bedroom. Tap the corridor and it will take you to a secret door with no knob and two gargoyles guarding the entrance. The gargoyle on the right seems to be missing a heart-shaped piece to match the one on the left. Tap anywhere else to leave.

18. Proceed downstairs to the chess game. Use the piece you found on it and what do you know: a silver key! Where could you use this? You try on the staircase keyhole but it doesn't work. The silver key works upstairs, on the last room. 19. Walk into the upstairs room. It's the attic - full of old stuff and a big trunk. Do the puzzle and recreate the flower motif on it by rotating the pieces. Start with the second from your left on the bottom row. It gives you a good starting point to recreate the model. Take your time, there's no rush.

20. Look, it's a butterfly-shaped socket. Use the butterfly you got from the set in the other room and it fits perfectly. The trunk is now open. 21. Take the magnet on a piece of string - remember that grate downstairs? Have a good look at the symbols on the inside of the trunk.

22. Go back downstairs to the grate to see what was inside. Use the magnet on it and pick up the object: it's a tuning fork! Where could you use this? 23. Go outside to the shed. Use the tuning fork on the metal plaque with a ear on it. It's in perfect tune. The door is now open. 24. Inside, grab the mallet and the falcon - it's the one missing from the fireplace. Notice the cabinet is locked but unfortunately you don't have anything to open it with now. 25. Go to the fireplace. Put the falcon in the empty socket. Remember that drawing of a car? Align the falcons according to the instructions on it. 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 8 o'clock as a general guideline:

26. Inside the socket there's a fuse. Grab it as it will come in handy later. 27. Go upstairs to the piggy bank in grandpa's bedroom. That mallet looks like it can smash it open...let's see what's in there. You found a brass token. Take it with you. 28. Go downstairs to the gumball machine in the dining room. Use the brass token in the dial and turn it. Now you have a heart-shaped jewel. Remember the gargoyles upstairs? One of them was missing a jewel just like that. 29. Placing the jewel in the empty gargoyle socket will open up a secret compartment behind the wooden panel. In there, just some things you might need in the kitchen: a knob and an ice pick! Take them with you and head for the kitchen. 30. Use the ice pick on the giant ice block in the freezer. It will reveal a big wrench keep it for later. Fit the knob onto the drawer and open to reveal a rusty key. The key does not work on the staircase or in the door - remember it's rusty. Head outside to the shed... 31. Inside, there's the cabinet you couldn't open earlier. Now you can! Inside, a ripped piece of paper that fits perfectly with the one taken from the painting. It looks like a code:

32. Head for the bathroom upstairs. Where there's a wrench, there's a bolt! Turn the wrench to reveal the secret passageway. You knew it all along...

33. Going inside, there's a fuse box. The lever to its left won't turn without a fuse in. As it happens, you have a fuse on you from inside the mantelpiece. Fit it inside and electricity will surge through the wires, powering the handle next to it. Turn the handle and look! Another door! Go through it. 34. You're in your grandpa's hidden study. There are some scales on the desk and a key. Another key! This time it's golden. On the wall hangs a picture of his dog, Daisy. Grandpa used to love that dog. Open the door to your left and you'll find yourself outside the gargoyle entrance. 35. Take the golden key to the staircase keyhole. This time it fits! Inside there seems to be a big shiny metal rod. It looks ornate. Where could the rod be useful? Perhaps outside? 36. At the tree stump, use the rod and place it inside the socket. Observe the way it channels electricity and then reveals a hidden underground room. Go down the stairs to see what's inside!

37. The glowing stones look familiar, don't they? They look like they have the same symbols from the bottom of the trunk in the attic. Light them up accordingly and see two beams of light pointing in two different directions. What could it mean? Is this some sort of dial? It might just be...

38. Go back to the cuckoo clock. The stone dial outside seemed to point to 8:25 so adjust it to that time. The doors will open and reveal a weird cuckoo: a bath plug! Take it. 39. Use it in the bathroom upstairs. Plug the drain with the stopper and turn the water on, letting the tub fill up. Drop your goldfish in there - he's been in that tiny bowl for long enough. He seems to be enjoying the new place. Meanwhile, refill the bowl with some water. 40. Now that you found the study, what can you do? The globe downstairs hinted at the solution being in the study, didn't it? Go back to the fuse box and turn the lever to close the door. Re-enter the study from the gargoyle entrance and look! There's something on the door. It's a poster that reads "Love is the key to the world!" But the code on the globe was coloured...which brings you to the fridge magnets.

41. Downstairs in the kitchen, spell 'LOVE' with the letters on the fridge. L is lime green, O is orange, V is red and E is purple. 42. The globe opens to reveal a sealed wooden box. It doesn't appear to have a key so it will have to be opened somehow... 43. The only solution is to either mash it or burn it. But you don't have a mallet any longer. Use the log you took from the shed outside and the matches from the dining room table to light up the fireplace.

44. Throw the box into the fire and watch it burst into flames. There was something inside! You have to douse the fire before you take it, otherwise you'll burn yourself. Take the bowl that had the goldfish in it but now contains the water you took from the tub. Throw it over the fireplace and collect a 5 ounce weight. You could use this upstairs in the study... 45. Back in the upstairs study through the gargoyle entrance, place the weight on the scale. Daisy's photo will reveal a safe with a code. Luckily, you know what the code is! It's 42-34-15. Adjust the dials and open. Inside there’s another key, this time made of iron. 46. The iron key will open the basement door you saw when you first entered the house. Proceed through and you'll find a blue door with 3 wheel dials on it.

47. Turn the dials - work your way outside in. A hint would be to turn one dial until it matches the sign and lights up and then the others till they light up. This may not sound very helpful but it cannot really be guided through.

From the very kind people on Touch Arcade forums*, two hints:

"Unfortunately it isn't one that can be guided through. Try to get one wheel lit and then scramble with the other two. Also pay attention to which way the wheels move and how many move along with it when you turn it. Do some back and forth with it " (New England Gamer) "When you move a wheel, only move it until it aligns and glows. Don't just move them all willy-nilly! So, move one until it glows, then move a different one until that one glows, etc... Eventually they will all align. You do not need to move any of the wheels in complicated quarter-turns or anything like that." (firemaplegames)
That's all. You've found grandpa! Listen to his story. Crazy, huh?

Thanks for following – diemkay ( Thanks to the people who designed Grisly Manor (Fire Maple Games) And thanks to Touch Arcade forums:

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