Kemadruma yoga

WRITTEN BY JAYASREE SARANATHAN (Published in the August, 2010 issue of Astrological eMagazine) Kemadruma yoga is a dreaded yoga that is said to turn the fortunes drastically from riches to rags. This yoga arises when there are no planets on either side of the moon. The commonly accepted version of this yoga is the absence of any planets – the sun and the nodes are excluded in the reckoning – on the adjacent signs to the moon. According to Mantreshwara, “One born under the Kemadruma yoga, even if he belongs to the royal family will become unknown and lead a miserable life.” Varahamihira adds that a person born under Kemadruma, “although he may take his birth in a royal family, will be dirty, sorrowful, doing work against his caste, poor, dependent and roguish” Almost all ancient writers have recorded this kind of effect for this yoga. Though this yoga seems to be applicable to those born royal and rich, the real import is that this yoga does not spare anyone. Commenting on this yoga (verse 6 in chapter 13 of Brihad Jataka), Prof B. Suryanarain Rao points out that the emphasis given by Varahamihira to persons born ‘even’ in royal families, shows that ordinary people are not spared and that they will also undergo sufferings given by this yoga. This yoga is a cause of concern because there are chances of nearly 50% of the people being born with no planets on either side of the moon. Though life is not a bed of roses for anyone, it will add to our understanding of troubled periods if we know the role played by Kemadruma yoga in giving thorn-pricks to people. In this article, let us examine the combinations for kemadruma yoga as given by different authors and how it is manifest in the life of the rich and the ordinary. What is Kemadruma yoga? This is one of the Chandra yogas and the only Chandra yoga that is harmful. Let us see some of the versions of Kemadruma yoga. • When planets other than the sun and the nodes are present before or / and after the moon, that is, in the 2nd or 12th house or in both the 2nd and 12th houses to the moon, three types of auspicious yogas are formed namely Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara. The absence of these yogas (planets) causes Kemadruma yoga. Prithuyasas says in Horasara that even if the three auspicious yogas of the moon are present, the auspiciousness will not arise from these yogas if the moon is waning.

According to him, Kemadruma yoga arises if there are no planets in the kendras to the moon and the lagna, even if the three (above mentioned) yogas are present. This means he does not consider the absence of planets on either side of the moon as the essential condition for the rise of this yoga. The most important requirement is to have planets in kendras to nullify the manifestation of this yoga. According to Saravali, this yoga arises when none of the three auspicious yogas are present or there are no planets in Kendras to the moon or if the moon is unaspected by any planet. Here again we find an emphasis to some kind of connection of planets with the moon by association or aspect to upset the manifestation of kemadruma yoga. Jataka Parijatha gives a few more combinations for the manifestation of this yoga. According to this text, if moon in the lagna or in the 7th is not aspected by Jupiter, Kemadruma arises. If all the planets are devoid of strength and if there are fewer points in the Ashtakavarga in the sign occupied by the moon, this yoga arises. If the moon is accompanied with a malefic or is present in a malefic’s house in the rasi or in the Navamsa and is aspected by the 10th lord, this yoga rises. If moon is in debility and the birth is in night time or if the moon is associated with a debilitated planet and is aspected by the 9th lord, this yoga arises. Jataka Parijatha talks about another combination also – completely different from a yoga of the moon – for this kemadruma to manifest. As per this, Venus and Saturn in falling degrees or in inimical positions or in mutual aspects in inimical positions cause this yoga whereby even a king will become a pauper. This is in tune with another notion that when both Saturn and Venus are powerful – by being placed in exalted or own houses, then also it is not good. In such cases, one of these planets in the sub period of the main period of the other planet will make even a wealthy person, very poor.

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The exceptions to Kemadruma. Kemadruma effect will not manifest • If Venus is in Kendra to moon and is aspected by Jupiter. • If there are benefics in Kendra to the moon or to the lagna. • if moon is associated with an auspicious planet and is aspected by Jupiter. • If moon is exalted or in own house and aspected by Jupiter

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If moon is in a friendly Navamsa If it is full moon occupying the lagna If moon is exalted and that happens to be the 10th house (for Leo ascendant) If moon is in own house or in exaltation in Navamsa or aspected by Jupiter in Navamsa.

The result of kemadruma All ancient writers have said that kemadruma nullifies all the other Raja yogas in a horoscope. This causes a drastic reversal of fortunes whereby it is said that a prince will become a pauper. For this to happen, the moon must be devoid of whatever exceptions we have said above. In today’s world of free market and capitalistic societies and sudden fluctuations in stock market affecting many industries globally, this yoga gains importance for its potency to cause drastic reverses to individuals. Today there are no kings, but many people enjoy the comforts of life and earn enough to lead a minimum comfortable life. We have to see if a kemadruma yoga affects such people. We have to also analyze whether the yoga becomes null when exceptions are found in the horoscope, thereby sparing the native of any drastic reversal of fortunes. In this article I have given some insights got from the many case studies of kemadruma yoga. Some of these insights are as follows:• It is rare to come across a 100% kemadruma yoga fulfilling all the conditions above. • Complete reversal of material prospects is found despite exceptions when other malefic yogas are found. A prominent example is that of Ramalinga Raju, the owner of Satyam computers. (Details given below) • Even if exceptions are found, people suffer in the respective periods when moon is devoid of planets on both the sides. In other words, a lonely moon is definitely a cause of concern. • The suffering need not always be about loss of wealth. True to its significance, the lonely moon causes mental suffering with respect to the significance of the house with which it is associated. • The lonely moon, the planetary lord of the star occupied by moon, the other planets occupying such a planetary lord’s asterism, planets in the asterisms of moon are capable causing the ill effects of kemadruma yoga during their periods or sub-periods. • It must also be checked if the lonely moon happens to be the cuspal sub lord of any bhava. The significance of such bhava will also suffer the impact of kemadruma yoga. • It is also known from cases studies that the presence of Kalpadruma yoga or Parijatha yoga largely reduces the impact of Kemadruma yoga. So while examining a chart for kemadruma, a remedial in the form of Kalpadruma must

also be checked. The other exceptions must be checked to ensure limited impact of Kemadruma. A popular example for this last point is Mahatma Gandhi. He had a lone moon in the 10th accompanied with Rahu. But exceptions to Kemadruma are there in his horoscope with benefics in moon’s Kendras. Moon also happens to be the 10th lord positioned in the 10th. Moon is the sub-lord of the 5th cusp. In addition, he had Kalpadruma yoga which made him like a king. In spite of all these remedial, we can see the bad times happening in the sub periods of moon and related planets. Let see us take a look at his chart.

Moon is in the asterism of the 12th lord mercury. We have to see other planets in the asterism of moon and mercury. They are sun and ketu (in moon’s asterism) and saturn (in mercury’s asterism) and Rahu (in whose star, mercury is posited). So the periods of moon, mercury, sun, ketu, rahu and Saturn will have the impact of kemadruma to some extent because the kalpadruma and other exceptions safeguarded the native to a larger extent. Gandhiji had moon dasa from 1905 to 1915 during which time he experienced repression from the South African government. He was still an unknown entity to outside world during this dasa. He rose to prominence only after this dasa ended. After the end of moon dasa he came back to India and launched his tirade against the British. The main period of moon prepared him for his agenda because mercury as the 9th lord (Moon in Aslesha), prepared him for the dharmic war. The exceptions to kemadruma in tandem with kalpadruma did not dent his image as a king or supreme man. But moon dasa as such, did not propel him to that status. That status came to him after the end of moon dasa. That is the limited way, a lone moon could react. However if we look at the sufferings he had in the course of his karma (10th house significance), they have happened in the sub-periods of moon or mercury. He was arrested for Civil disobedience movement in Mars- moon period. In Rahu –Rahu period (Mercury in Rahu’s star), he was released from prison to undergo appendicitis operation. His wife died in Jupiter –Saturn period (Jupiter’s sub lord was moon and Saturn was in

the star of mercury). His imprisonment happened in the sub-periods of moon related planets only. The lonely moon as the sub-lord of the 5th cusp had its impact on his peace of mind with reference to his children. Throughout moon maha dasa he had worries about his children. His relationship with his first son Harilal was very bad during the course of moon maha dasa. Harilal renounced family ties in 1911 (Moon- Mercury) and became an alcoholic. Hillary Clinton is another dignitary who has a lonely moon – but with exceptions.

The 8th lord moon is in a Kendra to lagna, being aspected by Jupiter. Moon is in its own house in Navamsa. So, by and large kemadruma must not trouble her. However we find moon’s periods giving troubles in tandem with the significance with which moon is connected. Moon is the sub lord of the 7th cusp. Besides this, no bhava or planet is connected with the moon. Moon is in the asterism of Jupiter. The other planets namely mercury, venus and ketu will also bear impact of the lone moon as they are in the asterisms of Jupiter. Even though kemadruma is not manifest, a lonely moon will have impact on her spouse and in the periods or sub-periods of itself, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Ketu. The Monica Lewinsky scandal involving her husband broke out in Venus- Moon period. (from July 1997 to March 1999) She initially supported her husband. But her husband admitted to the scandal on 17-081998 in Venus- Moon - Mercury period. While everyone was expecting her to leave Clinton, she didn’t. She underwent the trauma throughout the moon antardasa. The Martian Bhinnashtakavarga also shows zero bindus in her 7th and 12th houses showing a marital discord. But that happened during the moon antardasa. Once the antardasa was over, she overcame her differences and disappointments and surged ahead. Yet another celebrity who has a lonely moon is the Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston.

She has a lonely moon owning the 11th louse, but exalted in the 9th. Moon is in own Navamsa and the exceptions to kemadruma are well in place. She has Kalpadruma yoga also. So her position and material status will not be affected by the lonely moon. Moon is the sub-lord of 4th and 8th cusps. Moon, mercury and Jupiter are all posited in the asterisms of moon. Venus and Saturn are in the stars of mercury. There are a number of planets that will carry the mental disturbance or suffering given by the moon. And her life has been so in spite of all the career achievements. She had an estrangement with her mother for 10 years starting from the Jupiter dasa. But Jupiter dasa also saw her career graph to grow with her launch in the series called ‘Friends’ which made her world-famous. Note the 9th lord, Venus (in whose house moon is posited) in exaltation in the 7th, aspected by Jupiter. But from the beginning of Jupiter sub-period to Venus sub- period, she was not in good relations with her mother. Her much talked about marriage with Brad Pitt also came to an end in Jupiter- moon only. (02-10-2005). The bhaadak 7th lord Jupiter in moon’s asterism manifested in this way. Another celebrity who actually suffered riches to rags tale is Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computers.

He has a lonely moon, the 9th lord in 6th with benefics in Kendra to moon. His fall happened in Rahu dasa - moon bhukti only. Moon is in the asterism of Venus. Rahu and Mars also are in the asterism of Venus. Mercury, the 8th lord is in the asterism of moon. The 4th cusp has moon as sub-lord making him lose all his properties. His horoscope has a special feature of both Venus and Saturn in strength – but in the 12th house and in opposition to the lonely moon! This is a combination that would make a king a pauper. The fall will happen in the main and sub periods of these 2 planets. Saturn in the asterism of Rahu and Venus with moon posited in its asterism made the fall happen in Rahu – Moon. Kemadruma yoga is said to destroy Raja yogas, but it does not seem to touch the malefic yogas. For instance Raju has Rajabhrasta and bhandana yogas which had a role in the fall and in his imprisonment. Gandhiji also suffered imprisonment, but that is for nation’s cause. The 12th lord in Kendra to Rahu / Ketu and joined by Saturn in Navamsa caused such predicament for Gandhiji which was part of his karmasthaan - significance (moon in the asterism of mercury, the 12th lord). But Ramalinga Raju suffered imprisonment for criminal offences. The 1st and 6th lord Mars joining Rahu in a trikona to moon caused this. The complete reversal of fortunes in spite of remedies to kemadruma happened due to this and the Saturn – Venus combination in strength. According to Jataka Parijata, the Venus- Saturn equation must be studied for Kemadruma effect. Since these two gain strength in Libra, we have to take a look at them when we examine a chart. In comparison we have Hillary Clinton’s chart in which Venus in Libra and Saturn in cancer form a good equation. She became the Secretary of State in VenusSaturn period only. But her ultimate desire to occupy the President’s chair is not likely to fructify as a counteracting Kalpadruma yoga is absent in her chart. The moon maha dasa is going to begin in 2019 and if she has ambitions for becoming President of the USA, the lonely moon’s dasa can not help her in the absence of Kalpadruma yoga. Thus we can see some effect of lonely moon despite of cancellation to kemadruma as told in traditional texts. The mental agony is caused during the relevant periods in connection with the significances with which moon is connected in a horoscope. This trend can be seen in the horoscopes of ordinary folks. For instance in this chart of this NRI, kemadruma is rectified by Venus in moon’s Kendra aspected by Jupiter. However the moon did not spare him.

The moon is the 7th lord in the 12th. His moon dasa started in December 2007. He got married before the start of the moon dasa. In the period of moon dasa so far, he has been suffering from marital discord with his wife. His wife is running into losses and mishaps in her career and that gets reflected at home in her relationship with her husband. In this chart of a businessman, kemadruma is rectified by benefics in Kendra.

However moon happens to be lord of 10th and the sub-lord of the 11th cusp. He suffered losses in Rahu- Moon period . In this chart of a medical practitioner, the lonely moon which is not rectified, resulted in the death of his wife in a fire accident in Moon dasa – Sun bhukthi. Moon is the lord of the 7th posited in the 4th house.

He had an estranged relationship with his wife throughout the moon dasa and his wife died under tragic circumstances when she had gone to her mother’s place. The insight from analyzing many charts with the kemadruma yoga - whether cancelled or not - is that the lonely moon gives some agony and mental suffering in its period in accordance with the significances. The severity of the impact depends of the level of rectification of the yoga and the presence of Kalpadruma yoga. Since a large number of people are born with a lonely moon, we have to develop a data bank and analyze the manifestation of kemadruma yoga in the light of modern day life-styles and hazards.

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