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Planetary secrets of baldness.

Written by

Jayasree Saranathan

(Published in the September, 2010 issue of The Astrological eMagazine)

A recent survey conducted among the British men showed that their worst fear was
growing grey hairs than going bald. Baldness came second in their list of worries. A
similar survey if taken among the Indian men, is sure to give a reverse of these two.
It is because of the sociological perception in our country. A receding hair line or a
balding head is a disadvantage for prospective grooms in India. With late marriages
becoming the order of the day, many men who enter their thirties find themselves in
the discomfort of thinning hair which further delays their marriage prospects.

Often I used to advise the parents of grooms to settle the marriage of their sons early in
their life if I find some strong astrological indicators for baldness. In this article let
me share some insights I have gained from texts and from the observation of
horoscopes. The most obvious indicator is the presence of Sun in the ascendant or
the 7th house in the rasi chart. Sun being the significator for head and hair, becomes a
negative factor for good growth of hair if positioned in either of these two houses.

Some times we find this position running in families showing that it is a genetic trait. A
condition popularly known as ‘Male pattern of baldness’ (Androgenic alopecia) that
results in progressive thinning of hair from the frontal hairline towards the crown of
the head is seen in persons with the Sun in the ascendant or the 7th in the rasi or in the
Navamsa. We can check it in the Nehru family. Nehru had sun in the 7th house
(cancer) in the Navamsa. His grandson Sanjay Gandhi had sun in the Navamsa
lagna. Another grandson, Rajiv Gandhi had sun in the rasi- lagna. His son Rahul
Gandhi also has sun in the lagna of the rasi chart.

Though Sun is the primary determinant for the growth of hair on the head, not all the
bald-headed people show the above mentioned positional disadvantage of the Sun in
their horoscopes. For example Rajinikanth, the popular film star who never shies
away from the public to show his baldness - does not have the above mentioned
position of the Sun. There are scores of others like him who have different
combinations in their horoscopes showing the tendency to lose hair. Let us analyze
those factors in this article.

Planets that influence hair- growth.

Scientifically, good hair growth is determined by three factors, the skin, the hair follicles
and the proteins that sustain the hair growth. Astrologically these three are controlled
by the benefic planets such as Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. It must be recalled here
that Varahamihira considers the signs of benefic planets as helping in hair growth
and the signs of malefic planets having a role in hair loss. However he considers two
benefic signs as susceptible for hair-loss. They are Taurus and Sagittarius.

According to Brihad Jataka (23-15), if birth falls in malevolent signs or in Sagittarius or

Taurus and is aspected by evil planets, the person will be bald headed. The lagna
falling in the signs of malefics such as Mars, Sun and Saturn must be devoid of evil
afflictions for lasting hair growth on the head. Among the other signs, Taurus and
Sagittarius ruled by Venus and Jupiter respectively must also be devoid of malefic
afflictions to avoid baldness.

The reason can be rationalized on the basis of Baadhak lords for respective signs. The
Malefic signs run the element of risk in upsetting the appearance due to the malefic
lords. Aries signifying the head is associated with the fiery planet Mars. Sun is the
natural significator for hair growth. But both sun and Mars are bilious planets.
Excessive bile nature is one of the main causes for hair loss. So the three signs Aries,
Scorpio and Leo come under the scanner.

The other two signs of malefic lordship are Capricorn and Aquarius. The lord Saturn is
associated with early aging. Premature graying and early thinning of hair are the
legacy of Saturn.

Saturn’s importance can not be undermined because it becomes the governing planet of
the fetus in its 6th month of growth. Hairs start appearing in the 6th month of the fetal
baby. Perhaps a research on the transiting Saturn in the 6th month of the fetus with the
natal lagna (once the baby is born) might give an early idea about the appearance
connected with hair growth.

In the 5th (preceding) month, the fetus gets good growth of the skin which is governed by
the planet moon. This shows how the skin and hair develop in stages one after the
other and how astrology has related well the respective planets to detect the kind of
appearance one gets. Moon, particularly the Navamsa moon tells about the skin color
and appearance supplemented by the hair growth on body and the head.

Among the signs of benefic lords, Gemini and Virgo are the favorable ones for beautiful
appearance of hair. The lord is Mercury who is associated with earthy nature (prithvi
tattwa). According to classical texts, birth in earthy nature ensures good and healthy
growth of hair and nails. Mercury is the planet of prithvi tattwa which is also
associated with skin. The Baadhak lord for both the Mercurian signs is a natural
benefic namely Jupiter. Jupiter which aids in growth and is responsible for good
assimilation of protein products (protein is essential for hair growth) can not upset
the Mercurian contribution to hair growth.

As for Cancer, Moon is the influencing agent for hair growth. The hair-curt is
recommended only in connection with the thithis (moon’s movement around the
earth) and therefore moon can not upset its native. Moreover the Baadhak lord for
Cancer is Venus which is a first rate beauty conscious planet.

This leaves out the signs of Venus and Jupiter.

For Taurus, the 9th lord Saturn becomes the Baadhak making the sign vulnerable. For
Libra the significator for hair (Sun) himself is the Baadhak. Unless Sun occupies
adversarial locations, the Librans need not worry.

For Sagittarius and Pisces, Mercury becomes the Baadhak. But Varahamihira has sounded
caution only for Sagittarius and not for Pisces. It may be because; Sagittarius is
associated with good appearance of hair whereas Pisces is not. Since Mercury’s
impact is dependant on whom he is associated with, one can not give a clean chit to
it that it would not upset the Sagittarians.

This is the basic nature of signs in influencing hair-loss.

From Western astrology.

According to western astrology, the three fiery signs are held responsible for baldness.
Among the planets Venus (good hair growth), Mercury (epidermis) and Saturn (iron
deficiency is a cause for hair loss) in malefic angles can upset hair growth. As some
cases of permanent baldness are induced by abnormal thyroid functions, the
significator Mercury in affliction and its signs must be analyzed for such a condition.

In my opinion, Pluto also can be held responsible for baldness caused by sudden medical
conditions or chemotherapy (given for cancer patients). Pluto stands for degeneration
and also regeneration after that. The hair-loss follows precisely alternating phases of
re-generation and de-generation.

According to medical science, at any time 90% of the hair keeps growing. The rest would
be shedding. After some months of growth, the hair comes to a resting stage for 2 to
3 months when it no longer grows. Once the resting phase is over, the hair falls from
the follicle. This is followed once again by growth of new hair in the follicle. In this
way, different hairs will be in different stages of their cycle. Not all of them go to the
resting and shedding stage simultaneously. That is why the density of hair is always

In the months after the delivery of a child, most hairs come to the resting stage due to
hormonal changes in the lactating mother. That is why 2 to 3 months after the
delivery, most women experience heavy hair-fall. The iron supplement (of Saturn)
comes to their help at that time.
This kind of cycle is precisely what the planet Pluto does. If a person has adverse effect
of Pluto on the planets that control the follicles of the skin (mercury), the hair
(Saturn), the lush hair growth (Venus), growth determinant (Jupiter) and the
signifactor for hair (sun), permanent hair loss may occur depending upon the type of
significance, affected by the disease or deficiency.

Lagna position

Lagna is the primary determinant for the appearance including the nature of hair growth.
Both the luminaries add luster to the appearance. Both of them are connected with
hair growth. In the following positions they adversely affect hair growth.

Sun in the lagna or in Navamsa lagna

Sun in the 7th from the lagna / Navamsa lagna .
Moon in Aries or Leo in rasi or Navamsa makes the thinning of hair.
Moon in Taurus gives short hair.
Weaker sun and / or moon in the lagna of Drekkana and Trimsamsa also add to the hairy

Navamsa position.

The following lagna position in Rasi and the corresponding Navamsa shows tendency to
lose hair or thinning down of hair.

Lagna in Rasi chart - Lagna in Navamsa

Aries - Gemini
Cancer - Capricorn
Leo - Leo
Scorpio - Sagittarius
Capricorn - Cancer

The following lagna – Navamsa positions are helpful for good appearance of hair.

Lagna in Rasi chart - Lagna in Navamsa

Taurus - Gemini
Taurus - Cancer
Taurus - Leo
Gemini -Capricorn
Cancer - Cancer
Leo - Cancer (Soft hair)
Scorpio -Virgo
Sagittarius - Aries
Sagittarius - Cancer

Generally Navamsa lagna and Navamsa moon determine the appearance of a person. If
the Navamsa lagna falls on the houses of benefics without afflicted by malefics, the
person will have good growth of beautiful looking hair. The following are with
reference to only Navamsa lagna as given in “Brahma Rishi Vaakyam”

If the Navamsa lagna falls in the sign of Sun (Leo), no need to worry about balding.
The person will have thick and curly hair growth. The American President Barack
Obama has Navamsa lagna in Leo, but has sun in the 7th in D-1. The sun is strong
and auspicious in the other divisional charts (D-3 and D-30). So we have to do a
combined reading. Sun in the 7th will certainly give a receding hairline but its
strength in other charts with Leo as Navamsa lagna will not give him undue
baldness. The hair thickness had come down early in his life. The spoilsport is Saturn
which is in its own sign in both D-1 and D-9. It is posited in lagna in the rasi. So he
must have started graying early. People and the media are thinking that it started only
after he assumed office.

If the Navamsa lagna falls in the sign of Moon (Cancer), there must be worry about
hair on the head. There will be more hair on the body but thin hair on the head! Early
balding comes with lagna in Cancer in D-9 and D-3 and D-30 (unless the rasi lagna
falls in the above mentioned signs that are favorable for growth of hair.)

If the Navamsa lagna falls in the sign of Mars (Aries and Scorpio), there is a strong
chance of balding. This is a major pointer to baldness as per texts. There is no
differentiation between these signs as being fiery or watery. That it is lorded by Mars
is the sufficient cause for the hair loss. A famous bald person in this category is
Mahathma Gandhi. His Navamsa falls in Scorpio.

If the Navamsa lagna falls in the sign of Mercury (Gemini and Virgo), the person will
have beautiful hair.
If the Navamsa lagna falls in the sign of Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces), once again
the same feature as above. Usually the Navamsa lagna in the houses of benefics
ensure beautiful and good growth of hair.

If the D-9 lagna falls in the sign of Venus (Taurus and Libra), same as above.

If the D-9 lagna falls in the sign of Saturn ( Capricorn and Aquarius), dull and thin
hair would grow. Early graying is also seen.

With this basic information, let us now analyze the horoscopes of some famous persons
having balding problems.

Rajnikanth – December 12, 1950. 9-45 pm. Bangalore.

Lagna is Cancer and Navmasa lagna is Capricorn. This fulfils the text book rule for early
balding (given above).
Sun is in the Martian sign of Scorpio in Rasi and moon in the Martian sign of Aries.
But sun is not in 1st or 7th house – which is a popular position for genetically inherited
baldness. So the cause must lie elsewhere.
Sun (as significator form hair) is in the asterism of Mercury. Mercury joins Venus in the
6th bhava in square position to Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Neptune (indicator for
mysterious health problems). Mercury is again afflicted in the Navamsa by Mars and
Rahu and also by a combined coalition of Saturn and Sun. Some underlying
dermatological affliction must have been the cause for his early balding.
Andre Agassi (Tennis player) – April 29, 1970. 12 pm, Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

The horoscope fulfils the classic case of Navamsa lagna falling the sign of Mars
The sun is in exaltation in the rasi and in own house in the Navamsa. This strong position
must give bountiful hairs on the head. But there are other issues.
Sun is joined with a debilitated Saturn (loss of hair strength and quick aging of hairs) and
retrograde Mercury (some reversal process in the skin follicles).
In addition the growth inducing Jupiter is in opposition to this combination in
retrogression. (a reversal process of growth)
This combination is aspected by Rahu in rasi which again afflicts Sun in Navamsa.
Jupiter in Navamsa is afflicted by Saturn and Mars
All these show that he has a congenital reversal of growth in skin, in follicular health and
in protein synthesis for hair growth. There must have been shrinking of follicles due
to some poisonous nature (affliction by Rahu) of chemical or medicines or tonics
which he would have consumed for sporting strength. He claimed that his balding
started in his early twenties. Note that Jupiter Mahadasa started in his 21st year. To
make matters worse, Jupiter is in the asterism of Mars and posited in Martian sign in
the Navamsa.

Sean Connery (James Bond actor) – August 25, 1930. 6-05 pm. Edinburgh.
This is a classic case of Varahamihira’s definition of Sagittarius lagna getting afflicted
thereby causing baldness.
Saturn, the ageing agent is in retrogression in the lagna opposed by Mars and Pluto.
Jupiter, the lagna lord in between these two malefics in the asterism of Rahu makes it
weak. Saturn is placed in the Navamsa lagan too.
The aspect of Rahu to this combine further indicates that adverse effect of chemicals or
medicines he had taken. He has underwent radiation therapy
Sun in the asterism of Ketu which joins Mars in the Martian sign of Scorpio in the
Navamsa confirms this.
In these circumstances cancer Navamsa for Sagittarius lagna could not sustain thick hair

The Dalai Lama – July 6, 1935. 4-38 am. Tengster, Tibet.

Varahamihira’s caution on Taurus is not found manifest here as the lagna is devoid of
both malefic and benefic influence.
But the luminaries are in positions that quickened the balding process. Moon is in Leo
both in Rasi and Navamsa. The sun is in the 7th from Navamsa lagna. So his balding
is genetically designed.
Looking for additional information, we find that the sun is in the asterism of Rahu (for
slowness) joining Mercury and Ketu in the house of mercury.
Retrograde Jupiter aspects this combination in rasi and aspects Mercury in Navamsa.
The slowing down Saturn joins sun in the 7th in the Navamsa.
All these show that he has an inherent slowing process connected to the dermis and the
hair follicles caused by the deficient absorption of protein and other nutrients
necessary for growth of hair.

To conclude, we can analyze many charts using the above explained factors and
determine whether balding is an inherited trait or an induced trait due to various causes.
Though astrological remedies for baldness are not found in classical texts, we can draw a
clue for the remedy from the root cause assigned to this problem. The Sun is the major
contributor to hair-loss. As such there are Ayurvedic solutions based on Sun’s planetary
attributes. The planetary essence of pitta must be neutralized by lime products. If the
prospect of losing hair is identified early in life from the horoscope, one can take proper
medication and substitutes from Ayurveda to avoid hair-loss. Astrologically speaking,
appeasement of Sun by way of worship of Sun God and recital of slokas such as Aditya
Hrudhayam can be done from an younger age.