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I(FAI Business School

IBS offers high-quaHly program-s in different areas of management til' a cross-section of students, executives and professienals across India. IBS has a reputation for innovative proqram desiqn and delivery, quality courseware, personalized instructions, strong industry iraerface. and research consultancy and publlcatlons,

Within OJ span of 1,5 years, slnce its establishment" IBS has. grown lmpressively a'nd achieved widespread recoqration iii business 'World, ~ndlustry, academic circles, and professional! bodies. ISS [has also been consistently rankedl among top B-Schoo'ls i:nlildia, in the annual B-S(hoo(J~ surveys conducted by independent research agencies.

IBS is a network of business schools willh its presence at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandiqarh, Gurqaon, Kolka.ta, Mumbai, Noida and Pune, IFHE, Hydembad (a deemed university u!s 203 of the UGC Act} and l(fAl Universily, DehradlJrn also have independent IBS campuses.

IBSAlumni growing fraternity since 19@5

IBS has a growil1g alumnl base ef over 25,300 Who are mrrefilly pllrslJ~lig fa?[ IratI{ careers with 1 ,OQOplus crompaj'Jies,in Initla <;l.niJl abmad,


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the MBA pro ram

An MBA Program 01 the Unhlers~ty prepares the students with, tile skills, krlOwledg.e and strateqic perspectives essental 10 the leadership of business around the world!. The program is designed to provide both a portfolio 01 strong functional skills and the abil:ity to appJy. adapt and' i'ntegrate those skills in di~ferenn mamlgementsetlings.

Program Structure

The prog:ram comprises of 28 courses (of which 19 are compulsory courses ami eight are elective courses), a summer internship program. a business research project and three solt skills labs. These courses are spread over four semisters, In addition to these, the students can also pursuetwo eptional free elertlve courses.

10 help students learn to evaluate business processes analytically and efficiently, ISS has entered into an academic association with SPSs.

Semester I

Marketing Management-1 Quantitative Methods Financial Managemerl1-1 Organbltional Behavior Managerial Economics

IT Ior 'Managers Accounting for M.anagers Soft Skills l.ab-t

Soft Skills l.ab-ll

Semester II

Marketing Managemenl-II Operations Managemenl

Fi:nanc~aJ Managem ent-ll

Human Resource Management Macwewnomrcs & Bus. Etw. Business Research Methods Enterprise Solanons lor BIlSill€'ss legal Environment of Business

Slimmer Internship Program

Semester III

• BusirH'!SS Slrategy-~1 Management Control and lnlormation Syslems Elective-I


Ele dive-nil


Optional' Free Elective-I Soft Ski lis Lab-W

Semester IV

Business Strategy-III

Business Eth[(s and Corporate Governance





OptionaJ [Free Electi~e-II Business Research Pmj,ed


The students Cilil pur sueelectlve courses in iM.arketing;, Finance, Management, Operations and lnformation Technology; E.ach student must choose eight electives. While four ol theseelectives must be from a s.ingle stream, the others can be lrom any stream. To specialize in a particular stream, a student has to pursue atleast four eledivesfrom th.at stream. Thus a student can acquire a dual specialization by choosinqfour elechves from one stream and another fourfrorn a second stream, The prcqram offers further flexibility ill terms of two optiona'i free electives, which are not an essential part of the graduatlion requirement but carl be opted for by interested students ..

List of Electives


Commodity Market & Risks Mgffil. I1llilndal Risk Management lnternatlonal Hnance & Trade Mark:eti~9 of financial prodWds Mergers :& Acquisibiol\s

Portfolio Management {" M~tui!3 Funds Project appraisal

Secu r~!y Analy-sis

Sir alegjc Filld~Lia:lMal'l~gei1ient We.alth Mailagiemenl

Mar kelln9

B2B Marketing Brand Management Consumer Behaviour

C-us!omer Relalionsh~p l>'1aM.gement In!egrated I-iarketi:ng Gommuni(.a:I~Qn Internationall Marketing

Mar keti~g Re~earch

Product M.~nagement

Retail Management

Sales '" [)i~!ribution Management Services M.arketi ng

Strat~9~c Marketing Management


Ba~king Servke Operations Risk Management En Banks. (fooi! M~llagemen t

Human Rcsoum;~s

Cornpentency Mapping & assessment Human Resource PI~nni ng

Industrial Relations

Managing Knowledge Worker

OD Iliagrmsis &_ lnterventions

Perrormante M~n:1gemenIRewatd Systems Strategic HR.M

Training' & Developmenl


Business Intemgenre Project Mali<igement Supply (hai n Mianagern en!

Total Quality 'Mana.gememt I Six Sigma


HDFC Bank limited, KmaJK Mahjndr,a Bat:1k Limit!'!<-fI, EOiJl~ Indian Bank., HSBC, D[B, Sta1ntiard Chartered Baht InOlislnij

Asset Manag.ernent


fidetity Fuocl MlWa,gemerit Private Limited, UTI AM(, Futures FirSTI

Bajaj Allta:nz Gener9i Insurance. Company Ltd, KQlakMa~jni:lta Old MiutO.al Ufe ~MiJrance limftted (Kolak Life Insurmilce)., BJlan'i AM Life. Insurance Co. It;d, Future Gen:eraJi Indi1. Ufe ~n~,urance (0.. ltd, HDFC Standard U]ellf:l5UraI1Ce'Comp:ilItTy Limited

Financial 'Research

Transparent Value, Cepal P3rtnefs, Capital lQ! SNL Finance, Dewell Fin;;tn€~al. COfiporation, T~omso:tlR~ut.ers, First ti~ob~]

Financial 'Intermediaries

Kotak Securities, Fullerton Securities, Wiliy.2:Wealth Brok"ers, IndiaBlIlIs, National Multi Commodity Excnan,ge of India ltd (IN'I>;iCE), 1P :Mofgan Chase & (oIT$S l', lndiabulls'Securities

SPA Cap1ta'l Service, N.Ji. l'n'Vestments, HDK Sales; MAS Hnaneials Services, Simile Mmu,lY, M onar cllG rDU P

Financial Services

FMCG & ProductMarkeling

P,ep'sico; K,arnsai N~hllac Paints, Gpdfrey 'Ph'illiprs India, Funtj in NutTiti'Qn, ZyGU'sW~llrfess', Bell Ceramics, GujarafSidhe:e Cemernt,. MatdxTeleio:om, :lqea·teHumr'


Mol:J:iLe Store, Navneej Publi.cati.ons, WalnamQ, Arvi[ld Brands, Matrix Telecom>, Idea (ellnJlar


Eli Lily, Thyrpcare, Xclerbs labs? lntas Pnarm4

T(S, Zycus lntoteeh, i21 Teehnologies, Credence Analytks, Helix Teehnoloqies, ACCllSQI Teehnolcqies, Gateway T eehnol abs, Sai Info~ystern'S, F~u9usSoftware'! Verlie-Systems,F!:lGus Edueare

Elecon 6ngi~eering, Ingram Micro; Pierlite India, Rotofili Ellgineers." AlA ,EngirH"i6ring ltd, Stipernova Engineers, KaTpatarLiIPowerTransmission, Nirmal industries


Engi n eerin91


Bhaskad~roup, DNA indl<l!1 Ka·Qio MircHi, The Times .ofilldija, India: Toda~, Rising Trade link ltd, Asia!l Media Gmu:p

Adverfiisillg& Market ~esearch: T ritorrCbmmuJrlicati:oMs, Hanmer MS&l, M ilwartj Brown, AQtion Edge, [J~xrer Consuiltan;cy Umile.d,



~o.wrty~rd by Mar~lotl', Nees~a Group, IndiaMart,lnfomedia ( 13ltdl, Olllilleinfocom., Akshaya Parra AbsoJUite Smv~:yors, TFiirdWav€,Blue Star, Prime: Techt10Ipgies~ GIFT Gujarcat, IQUEID:EAS, lai Hind Projects

: lacement desk

Placement Class 2010

IH ighest Salary Domestic Rs, 6.70 LakhsJ AnnlJIITl

·Average S.alary Rs. lBO LaejAnnum

Class .201'1


Finance' .. M~rlileting HR

Academic Qualifications Class-2011

• BE/B:Tech.



B.Phfl rm • seA

B.Com SA /SJ,

Campus Recruitment Schedule

11 th October, ,2010 onwards

To sehedole the visit lor PPT's snd recruitments please contact:

Prof. Viv~k Rilloga As50date De<ln

vi';ek~ibsindiaJlrg •. 09.82594&51,0

Mr. Girish ~lIma[ .M.

1\s.st. Manager. Corporats Relations '9inshktlma:r@ibsintlla.nrg • 08000727'757

Ms. ~upl1lr P. Dave

E;(eclltille - Cq:rpor,ate R~latiolls rmpurdave@ihsindiar.org . 0-'90590 15880

I B·S·

_ _AJ::tM __ ~J~ _~~A 1) __

lCFAI House, Near GNF( Info Tower, S. G. Hoad, B(Jdakdev, Ahmedabad·380 054.

Iel.: 079·65445005 • Fax: 079·268501'07_ E·mai~: ~bsahm@ibsilldia.Drg W 1'1 Vi. i bs i n d Ii a . 0 r 9

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