Study Guide Chapter 5 – Locating Main Ideas

1. The topic of a paragraph is the _________________. 2. The best clue to use in identifying the topic of a paragraph is ________________. 3. Writers use transitions in a paragraph to __________________________. 4. The most important point a paragraph makes is called the _________________. 5. The best way to find the topic of a paragraph is to __________________. 6. T or F - The topic sentence is the most general sentence in the paragraph. 7. T or F – The topic sentence always comes first. 8. T or F – The topic sentence must be broad enough to include all the other ideas in the paragraph. 9. T or F – Writers may put the topic sentence at the beginning and the end of a paragraph to emphasize the main point. 10. Of the following statements, the most general one is: ___Community service is an alternative to jail time. ___Instead of imprisonment, first-time offenders may receive alternative sentences. ___Some offenders are sentenced to boot camps. ___Offenders may be sentenced to probation with supervision.

Study Guide Chapter 6 – Identifying Supporting Details and Transitions
1. Supporting details are _________________________. 2. Supporting details that directly explain the main idea of a paragraph are called ______________. 3. Minor details may a. b. c. 4. The details in a paragraph are intended to prove or explain the __________. 5. Transitions are _________________. 6. Transitions __________ the reader from _________________. 7. The type of transition indicated by the phrase “on the other hand” is called ______________.

8. Transitions may be used for different reasons. a. b. c. 9. The type of transition indicated by the phrase “such as” is called ___________. 10. The four essential ingredients of a paragraph are a. b. c. d. 11. If a paragraph does not state the main idea in a sentence (topic sentence), the main idea is said to be ____________.

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