Todd R.

Desired Positions: Writer/Guest Editor; Photographer; Communications Manager; Art Director; PR/Media Specialist; Columnist Type: Full/ Part time, or by Assignment
PROFESSIONAL BIO I’m a veteran writer (BA-Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Madison) with 300 published articles and three books under my belt. I have been the editor of two publications for a combined nine years. Purpose. I seek a writing assignment to earn your respect, and hope to eventually join your stable of writers, or serve as a guest editor or columnist. I would love to help flourish your important editorial mission. My articles have appeared in: The Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal, Marketplace (a Mennonite business journal), Giggle, Prism Magazine, Christianity Today, FaithWorks, Metier Exchange, Hope in Action, Urban Ventures NEWS, the American Association of Micro-businesses, World Christian, Episcopal Life, American Baptist Press, and numerous other publications. Topical specialties. Marriage and family, parenting, urban and multi-ethnic reporting, trends and culture critique, nonprofits, healthy living, social issues, sports, work and calling, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and applying faith to daily life. PERSONAL MISSION My mission as a journalist is to connect people to resources that empower daily living; inspire hope in parents, spouses and workers; deepen understanding of complex social and spiritual issues; promote redemptive efforts to make the world a better place; and present those who have rejected institutional religion with reasons to re-engage the Christian faith. HOME AND FAMILY I live with my Jewish, Bronx-born, storytelling wife and three wonderful children as a “Caucasian minority” in an inner-city South Minneapolis neighborhood. Our small patch of land, complete with sandbox, playhouse and basketball court, is a magnet for neighborhood kids who have become our extended family. CONTACT INFORMATION Email: Phone: 612-578-2292 Address: 3342 Oakland Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407

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