Packaging Brief: Panneer


Brand: Nilgiris

Date: June 3


Design Objective Nilgiris has introduced two variants of paneers. One is the regular paneer, which is made with Cow s milk and used for regular dishes. The second one is the creamlicious paneer made with Buffalo milk making it much softer and creamier. The creamier paneer is used to make rich and creamy dishes. The need of the hour is to design two different packages for the regular & creamy paneers.

Primary TG - female, age group 25+ years, working/non working, married/single. Likes making good food, wouldn t mind doing something extra to ensure that the food is yummy.

Key benefit the design should enhance- As the regular paneers is the most commonly used it can be an illustrated design with the cows visual. Bring about a homely feel to the package. The creamy version is a premium product and the design should communicate the creamy, soft factor to our TG, the usage and advantage of using it. We can use an imagery of a dish like Malai Paneer or Butter Paneer.

Unlike most of the processed paneer available in the market, the Nilgiris Paneer is made completely in the traditional manner. The paneer pre-mixture (curd, milk lime juice) is taken in the cheese cloth and hung for hours for the whey to drain out. The concoction, the time and most importantly the cloth all contribute to this paneer, making it, extra soft, extra smooth, giving it fluffy/bouncy, unlike any other paneer product. This is an untapped market, when it comes to the handmade/softest form of paneer.

Type of package-Sealed Vacuum Packaging. The Product will be stored and displayed in the refrigerator.

Packaging Positions- Premium for the creamy version, Regular for the cow paneer. Design Tones- Packaging Both the designs need to be opaque. Need not have a window and the yummy food factor has to bring about in the creamy paneer design. The product benefits to be communicated upfront and should be self explanatory.

We can use visuals food visuals or cows visual for the regular and a buffalos visual for the creamy paneer

Brand Logo, Opaque Design

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