I ha·e Asperger's Syndrome which is an

autistic spectrum disorder. 1his means that talking and
listening mav be diííicult íor me mv beha·ior mav seem
unusual to vou and I mav not respond in a wav that vou
would expect. 1hese beha·iors mav become more
pronounced ií I am in a stressíul situation and´or
In the e·ent that I am being inter·iewed or
interrogated bv the police I wish to immediatelv in·oke
mv right to an attornev.
I am co·ered under the Americans with
Disabilities Act. \ou mav ha·e particular responsibilities
under that act. lor íurther iníormation on the Americans
with Disabilities Act as it relates to vou please contact
vour proíessional organization or


Phone Number:
Lmergency Contacts: