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Vocational training studies

● Institut Obert de Catalunya (Education

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– Open materials (Creative Commons)
– Semester enrollment
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– Gives service to Balearic Islands Govt.

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Vocational training
● Institut Obert de Catalunya (mG, SG)
– administrative, Secretary, Administration
and finance, Business management &
– Nursery care, social healthcare, nursing
– electricity, electronics, Computing
– Prevention of occupational risks
(all 1300 – 2000 study hours)
Student profile
● Middle age people (25-45 years)
● Working or unemployed but with previous
working experience
● Some of them with professional
experience in the field of study, but
lacked of a diploma
● Highly motivated to improve their skills
and wide their job opportunities
● Working concepts and practice with
online training (campus environment)
● Asynchronous communication
● Further practice with face to face
technical sessions (in some studies:
computing, electronics,risks prevent...)
Methodology, II
● Face to face subjects in combination with
online subjects (in some studies: like
healthcare studies)
● Low density areas: one teacher, some
students studying in the IOC (computing)
● Final module of stage in a company
(Apprenticeship. Learning workplace
skills). “FCT”
Options for the students
● a. Follow the complete on-line study plan
● b. Mixed: recognition of their previous
● Process to get an academic recognition
of their professional experience and
knowledge: Qualifica't
● Complete the academic subjects
recognized with online studied subjects.
To allow the learning process
● Contents organized by bits of assessable
knowledge (“Competence Units”)
● Students can register just to study “bits”
of contents (Formative Unit - UF).
● UF approx. 20-40 study hours
– Content on paper (PDF)
– Content on web (summary,
autoevaluation, practise example,…)
– One “continued evaluation exercise”