Topic Name Letter of Submission Acknowledgement Executive Summary Page No. I II III 01-03 01 01 01 02 02 02 03 03 04-12 04 04 04 06 06 06 07 07 08 12 13-49 13 26 42 50-52 50 50 50 50 51 51

CHAPTER ONE (Introduction)
Abstract Origin of The Report Scope of The Study Objective of The Study Methodology of The Study Area of Study Limitations of The Study Report Preview

CHAPTER TWO (Organization)
Introduction Historical Background of SIBL Formation of Social Islami Bank Objectives & Goals of SIBL Mission of SIBL Vission of SIBL Fucntions of SIBL Management Hierarchy Organogram of SIBL Operating Performance

CHAPTER THREE (Branch Operation)
General Banking Area Foreign Exchange Banking Area Credit Banking Area

CHAPTER FOUR (Online Banking)
What is Online Banking? Origin of Online Banking Brick-To-Click Banks Virtual Banks SIBL Will Get Advantage from Online Banking Feature That can be Gives in SIBL Online Banking

Topic Name Page No. 53-62 53 59 60 63-66 CHAPTER SIX (Project Analysis: Fund Management) Source Of Fund 63 64 65 66 66 67-70 CHAPTER SEVEN Findings 67 69 70 70

CHAPTER FIVE (Performance, Ratio and SWOT Analysis)
Performance Of The Bank (SIBL): A Brief Review Of The Activities Ratio Analysis SWOT Analysis

Fund Implementation Investment Return And Distribution To Concerned Parties Inflows / Outflows Of Funds CAMEL Rating

Recommendation Conclusion Bibliography

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