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Republic of the Philippines) City of Cabanatuan City )S.S x Ab fuckacvad D Sepa ( SWORN STATEMENT) WE, SPS. JULIUS RODRIGUEZ and CLEOFE LIBUNAO RODRIGUEZ, both of legal age, Filipinos, and residents of #10 Diamond St. Goldenville Subd, Bantug Norte, Cabanatuan City after having duly sworn in accordance with law hereby depose and say: L. That we are the owners of Designer Touch Interior Decorator with office address at Burgos Ave, Supermarket, Cabanatuan City; + , mn e uldtn nawaly 2, That we will sponsor the visit 0 AUSTRALIA of our (Assistant Manager ROBENSON E.) RODRIGUEZ of #10 Manito Ave. Kapitan Pepe Subd. Cabanatuan City as our treat for the) successful operation of our business and for his valuable service during his stay 3s our employee; 7 wt one ( childisn ? + Mas, 3. That while(ROBENSON E. RODRIGUEZ is)in, Auswalia, we will shoulder all his) expenses during Hiig'stay thereat (food and hotel accommodation) including his round wip airplane tickets from Manila'to Australia and other incidental expenses. Attached hereto are the Business Permit issued by the City Government of Cabanatuan City, Business Certificate ftom DTI, Bank Certificate and Financial Statement to show that we have the capability to sponsor the trip of \ ROBENSON E. RODRIGUEZ *) 6} bu Qudjen « em or Unltey 4. That as proofs that we have sufficient funds to support the travel of (ROBENSON E: ) RODRIGUEZ while in Australia, we had submitted all necessary documents to the Australian Embassy; 5. That we have access to these funds deposited at our bank at any time and these funds are sufficient to meet the expenses of{ ROBENSON E. RODRIGUEZ) in M8 Stay at Australia; Qw _Juiden \ A Ras wy U 6(/ Mat as sponsors of @ORENSON'E! RODRIGUEZ) we ae attesting that we cannot provide the) original copies of the necessary documents for the reason of confidentiality; One J that the only purpose of this sponsorship is to treat him for the successful operation and his ‘That we are not asking or waiting for any reward/payment from ROBENSON E. RODRIGUEZ, \ ole eves toon tins / 8, That we are executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing and for whatever legal purpose this may serve IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto affixed our signatures this day of wa 2! ee it Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, - ME Bha curls ML obaboo: © Affiant Affiant CTC No. CTC No. _ Issued on Issued on Issued at ‘ssued at SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this __ day of AUG 2.1 20)ileeat Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I hereby certify that I have personally examined the herein affiants and the foregoing affidavit i their free and voluntary act and deed. x