Background note of rin

Rin was launched in a bar form in a test market in 1969 and extended nationally in 1970. It was launched as the first detergent bar at a time and in a scenario where there were stringent rules imposed on the organised sector manufacturing laundry soaps. It was also realised at that time that powders would never completely replace laundry soaps. Initially, the brand was positioned as - 'Rin is not a soap, it is a totally new idea for washing clothes'. The benefits clearly outlined that the bar had concentrated cleaning power hence washed 50% more clothes. Moreover, it washed whiter than any other bar. The memorable baseline 'Whiteness strikes with Rin' was introduced and a strong brand property - the mnemonic of the lightning flash was developed. Once the detergent bar category was created and the consumers made aware of the functional superiority of Rin bar, the subsequent task then was to build emotional equity for the Rin brand. To meet this objective, Rin was positioned as the only way to get superlative whites. Based on the powerful consumer insight of 'human envy' the creative execution of 'white - off-white crossover' was developed. The idea being that 'with Rin you get striking whites that others can't help but envy'. This route was hugely successful in establishing a superior brand image in the consumer's mind. In the late 1980s, Rin faced its first real competition with the launch of low-price discount detergent bars. At prices 60% lower than Rin, they were positioned as a low sog product. They adopted a challenging note in their communication and took on the perceived negatives of Rin bar. To counter their threat, the power and economy of Rin was emphasised. Its communication now boldly stated that 'just a little of Rin' achieves superlative whiteness. The advertising campaign 'Zara sa Rin' went on to become a 'white - off-white crossover' was developed. The idea being that 'with Rin you get striking whites that others can't help but envy'. This route was hugely successful in establishing a superior brand image in the consumer's mind. Thanks to the entry of Rin Shakti powder a highly aspirational brand was now available at a very affordable price. Proof of performance in the communication was depicted in the form of a wash-rewash test where the brand claimed to remove dirt from clothes washed with ordinary bars. Since then a continuous programme of product innovation and improvement has taken place on the brand.

Rin positioning update : Rin
It has been quite a while since I wrote about Rin. The brand was moving through various experiments in extensions and positioning. The brand merged one of its extensions with Surf Excel and withdrew some others. Frankly it was a real mess. The brand was also experimenting with its promotional messages. Rin is positioned on its " Whitening " ability. The brand has remained focused on its core brand promise. But Rin was experimenting a lot with the communication of this promise. The brand could not

find a tagline that was po brand promise.

werful enough to convey the

In 2008, the brand came up with the promise of Double Whiteness. Rin adopted the tagline "Duguni Safedi, Duguni Chamak" . Watch the tvc her Rin

None other than Amitabh Bachchan was roped in as brand ambassador (model) for the brand. Chamkte Rahna is a tagline that gives the brand new opportunities to communicate with the consumers. The brand which came to India as a detergent powder brand has extended to bar category. Rin Shakti paved the way with a brand new proposition of double whiteness along with a powerful innovation of ‘No mitti powder’ – as it dissolved thoroughly in water as opposed to ordinary powders which left behind a mud-like residue. The ad is also very nicely made . 2005 saw one of the boldest marketing initiatives for Rin. Tide is positioned on the same whiteness platform with similar communication. The brand is celebrating the tagline quite well. It never compromises on the market share and is not stingy in investing in brands. a connection with the tagline. Rin has been successful in implementing a technical breakthrough even in the otherwise staid detergent bar market. the Rin Supreme proposition is superior performance to give whites that look like new. HLL is known for its obsession with market shares. Maturity stage Rin is facing its toughest competition in the form of Tide from P&G. Like a true The tagline has a strong connection with the brand promise and at the same time helped the brand to ladder up . Early 2004 saw the advent of a brand new Rin Shakti powder. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy of continuous innovation the Rin Supreme bar was launched in 2002 as the ‘No mud’ bar. Rin has already started promoting its new found positioning theme during the Dance Premier League where the contestants are made to say the tagline. Rin Supreme and Rin Shakti operate at two distinctly different price points. Rin Shakti bar and Rin powder. Watch the tvc here : Rin Chamakte Rahna The brand has finally found its right positioning statement. Chamakte Rahna is a wonderful tagline with immense potential and possibilities for new campaigns. While ordinary bars have up to 40% mud-like ingredients. the theme and the brand was not strong. New Rin Supreme is made with patented Pure Clean technology ‘to keep clothes looking white like new’ – for longer. This year . While the Rin Shakti proposition is superior whiteness vis-à-vis mass. The suffix ‘Shakti’ has now been dropped from the powder pack . Growth stage Today Rin has three variants: Rin Supreme bar. The ads were trying to reinforce the .The ad was catchy but somehow for me. The core idea that the tagline conveys is " to realize one's potential " . Rin was trying to ladder up to a higher level need but the connection couldn't be established. Rin came with another advertisement with a new tagline " Chamakte Rahna " ( meaning Keep Shining).

These types of campaigns are aimed at making the brand more humane. Although this innovation may be trivial. The campaign is set to collect Rs 25 lakhs for the underprivileged. 2006 was another innovation of launching a cover for the soap that will prevent wastage of the soap. It is a laudable effort from HLL to take such initiatives for the brand. The latest Surf campaign also intends to do that. Fair and Lovely also has taken up such initiatives to contribute to the cause of women empowerment. The positioning was focused on pure clean technology that makes the brand mud-free. For example in 2002. this cloth will reveal a number out of 10. The brand is trying to ladder up to a higher level than just the cleaning ability. The brands benefits immensely by associating with such activities through the positive vibes created by such campaigns. the brand came out with a direct comparison with other laundry bars telling the customer that the soap is mud-free. Surf Excel has come out with a new campaign 10/10 ( pronounced 10 on 10). But as Drucker said. The campaign is aimed at raising fund for the educationally challenged poor kids. Every Surf Excel will have a piece of stained cloth. Some theorist calls this Corporate Social Responsibility. Rin has always tried to create the brand excitement alive by launching new variants or new promotions or some innovations. And that is the strength that has helped this brand to manage its product lifecycle. These campaigns act as a preemptive measure to silence those critics.positioning of Rin as the premium detergent soap. 2006 saw a unique marketing move from HLL. Hence corporate are forced to display some actions to justify that they mean good to the society. HLL is trying to have Surf Excel to extend its leadership in the entire detergent soap category. An ordinary person will view business as some thing that makes profit for a select few. Rin Supreme bar is being migrated to Surf Excel. I was surprised seeing Big B endorsing such a brand. SMS this number to 455 and that amount goes to a NGO that works in the field of education for poor. The brand gains from the positive attitude created by such campaigns. There are some people who consider themselves as “Moral Policemen” whose main job is to make the life of marketers difficult. The problem is that only a management student understands such a concept. The logic is that Rin has a firm image of whitening bar while Surf has the strength of being a stain remover. There are reports that Surf Excel is extending to bar soap category and will be replacing Rin Supreme at the premium end. the brand is kept alive in the mind space. Another brand from HLL . When washed. “The main purpose of business is to make profit” and as we say to create wealth for stakeholders. Lifebuoy also has successfully taken up the cause of preventing diarrhea thorough its Swasth Chetana campaign. the ads are being aired more . Although the decision is made in 2006. The brands like Surf and Lifebuoy uses children in the advertisements.

Why spend money migrating brands? Does HLL gain by migrating Rin to Surf Excel? But I feel that the logic behind the migration is to protect Rin and its USP of whiteness. My conclusion is Surf Excel has the ability to be a generalist than Rin. Tide and Ariel always created problems for Surf and Rin. But this migration initially did not make sense with me. it will have to focus on the Whiteness Platform alone and any additional attribute may affect the parent Rin detergent powder brand. The latest move comes in the wake of the high profile launch of Tide detergent bar. the new Surf Excel detergent bar is aimed to take both these attributes. Had HLL used Rin to counter any competition other than Tide. The ad is already on air featuring kids conveying “Good News and Bad news" to their mothers. The migration of Rin Supreme bar to Surf Excel bar is aimed at countering Tide. detergent and whiteners on their clothes.2 bn).HLL commands 38% of the fabric wash market. It is true that the detergent bar market is important for HLL because in India. While having Surf Excel detergent bar will help HLL to counter competition not only from Tide but other competitors since Surf is known for its stain removal property.I was wondering why HLL is messing up their successful detergent brand like Rin? Indian Detergent market is valued at around Rs. While Rin is heavily positioned on the whiteness platform and Surf Excel on the stain removal platform.5100 crores ($1. Hence any move from competitors should be seriously dealt with. homemakers use a combination of bar. Is it good news or bad news? . It is true that Rin Supreme can counter Tide bar because both have whiteness positioning.frequently in 2007 (I have only recently noticed this after one of my students pointed out this). There will not be any dilution in the equity adding attribute of whiteness to Surf unlike Rin.Detergent bar market makes up for 43% of this market .

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