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Career interruption (full or partial)

Time credit
Parental leave
Leave to give medical care
Palliative care
Adoption leave
Member of the company council
Member of the committee for prevention
Candidate for the social elections
Union member
Breastfeeding break
Paternity leave
Paid educational leave- end date course
Military obligations
Candidate for a political mandate
Political mandate
Formal complaint against violence - date final verdict
Prevention advisor
Complaint against discrimination-Date final verdict
Employee working nights
Subscription to the remarks register
Responsible for toxic waste
Dismissal due to new technologies
Coordinator environment effects report
Coorinator environment
Part time work after reduction

default (xda extra field)

-Adoption leave
-Member of the company council
-Member of the committee for prevention
-Candidate for a political mandate
-Candidate for the social elections
-Union member
-Breastfeeding break
-Political mandate
-Prevention advisor
-Employee working nights
-Subscription to the remarks register
-Dismissal due to new technologies
-Coordinator environment effects report
-Coorinator environment
-Part time work after reduction
-Responsible for toxic waste
-Subscription to the remarks register

ada extra field

*date request/notification
-Career interruption (full or partial)
-Parental leave
-Leave to give mediacal care
-Palliative care
-Paternity leave
-Military obligations

*date request/notification & Date end course

-Paid educational leave

*date request/notification & date final verdict

-Formal complaint against violence
-Complaint against discrimination

Time credit 1/2

Time credit 1/5
Career interruption 1/2
Parental leave 1/2
Parental leave 1/5
Palliative care 1/2
Palliative care 1/5
Care family member 1/2
Care family member 1/5
Parental leave 20%+ PT illness
Palliative care 20%+PT illness
Time Credit 20%+PT Illness
Medical assistance 20% + PTill
PT illness
parental leave 50%+PT illness
Political leave
Add. Breastfeeding leave
Crisis Time credit 1/2
Crisis Time credit 1/5