U.O Note no 27275/2010/X2 dt 20.9.

2010 Sub: - RoFR Act – allotment of title deeds to the Tribals – withdrawal of encroachment cases booked – furnishing of information as informed by the conservators/Chief Conservators of Forests – reg. *** With reference to the subject cited above, I have obtained the latest information in respect of the encroachment cases booked, withdrawn and pending against those to whom title deeds were given under RoFR Act. Many of the Conservators have revised the information earlier furnished by them. I have asked them to make doubly sure that the revised information being submitted by them now is correct. All of them have stated that the figures now being submitted by them is correct. The information may please be seen in the statement at annexure – I. As can be seen, there is only one case pending (in Nizamabad circle), which can not be withdrawn as it is linked to an assault case. The lists of cases withdrawn is available in soft copy. The print out has not been taken as the data is voluminous. The letters received from CF Warangal, CCF Khammam & DFO Eluru(in original) are enclosed herewith as annexures II-IV respectively. In respect of other CF/CCF’s, the letters were given in the section by the superintendent of X section, a few days ago. The same may kindly be verified. As desired by the PCCF, the information may be furnished to the Government. (A.K. Srivastava) APCCF(FP) To The APCCF(FS) Encl: Annexure I-IV, as mentioned above

Srivastava) APCCF (FP) . when they tried to prevent quarrying in the RF by the contractor engaged in construction of road.Furnishing of details of a few recent assault cases reported. Date: 21.Note to APCCF (CFM) Sub: . *** As desired during the meeting on 21.K.2010.2010 (A. In Kadam area of Nirmal division.2010. were assaulted on 29.2010. the following recent assault cases on Forest Department staff while on protection duty are herewith furnished for inclusion in the presentation before the committee on Environment & Wildlife protection: 1. In Tadvai range of Warangal (N) division. 3.10. the staff was assaulted by about 100 encroachers who were trying to plough and encroach upon the Forest land in Sarwapuram VSS area on 7. In Mahboobad range of Warangal(S) division. The villagers even booked false case against the staff.2009. the Forest staff were assaulted while intercepting a tractor smuggling teak timber on 21.10. the staff.5. including the Sub-DFO.2.10. 2.

5/140.2010 and suffix public holidays on 13th & 14th November 2010.11.2010. Andhra Pradesh.2010 (A.To The Prl. Hyderabad Sir. Lucknow (UP) Date: 21.reg. It is requested to kindly sanction me earned leave for (18) days. During the period. with permission to prefix the public holiday on 24. from 25. my leave address will be as follows:C/o Mr Pankaj Srivastava.10.10.2010 to 12. It is submitted that I have received a message from Lucknow that my mother is seriously ill. Srivastava) APCCF (FP) .10.K. Srivastava – application . Sub:-All India Services – IFS – Establishment – Sanction of Earned leave to A. Vikas Nagar.K.Chief Conservator of Forests& HoFF. enabling me to proceed to Lucknow.

may be permitted to commence his journey from Coimbatore.Chief Conservator of Forests& HoFF. vide my application dated 21. Age 47 years).Permission to avail leave travel concession to home town. Srivastava . 2.reg. Sub:-All India Services – IFS – Establishment – A.To The Prl. GONDA(UP). Srivastava) APCCF (FP) . commencing the onward journey on 24.10. I have separately applied for sanction of earned leave. who is presently studying at Mumbai. Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad Sir.2010 (A.2010 Date: 21. The date will be intimated separately. who is presently studying at Coimbatore.10. My son Apurva Srivastava (Age 24years).K.K. It is requested to kindly permit me to avail leave travel concession (LTC) to my home town GONDA (near Lucknow) in Uttar Pradesh. 3. along with my family members.10. The date will be intimated separately.2010. Self and Wife (Mrs Roli Ratna Srivastava. My son Ananya Srivastava (Age 20 years). as per the details furnished below: 1. may be permitted to commence his journey from Mumbai.

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