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Goan Street Fashion

Goan Street Fashion

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Published by Parul Kapur

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Published by: Parul Kapur on Oct 28, 2010
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With just a glimpse of the title most of you would be amazed at where have I got the words “street”

and “fashion” together from and what has Goa got to do with it. Believe me and just read along, you would be flabbergasted to know that apart from our beaches, churches, cuisine and cultural heritage, we have yet another reason to flaunt about Goa. James bond made Martini’s famous, ‘Sex in the city’ made Cosmopolitan’s and now ‘Anjuna Flea Market’ and ‘Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar’ have done the same for Goan Street Fashion. For all those wondering what ‘Street Fashion’ actually is, it is fashion personally customized by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends from merchandise available in the small shops or stalls on the streets. These stalls do full justice to the true meaning of fashion, that is ‘a social phenomena common to many fields of human activity’, like clothing, accessories, furnishings, etc. Yes! One can find all these and much more at the street markets in Anjuna, Arpora, Baga, Calangute, Colva, Mobor, Vagatore and various other coastal sites in Goa. These markets are full of Tibetan craft stalls, Nepalese and Kashmiri artifacts including jewellery, stones, rock bottom priced clothes, bandanas, variety of bagsembroidered and mirror studded backpack, Brassware, bronze figures, terracotta, shell work, crochets, carved furniture, bamboo work, wood work, papier-mâché. Currently Indians and Westerners, both sell their merchandise on this market. Everything from Indian crafts, silver jewellery, wooden chess sets, wide brimmed straw hats and bags, hammock, trinkets of shells and beads to the hottest London Club wear, is sold in these resourceful markets.

“Goan Street By Parul Kapur Fashion”

These markets have been existent for an inordinate length of time and have been on top priority on the itinerary of every tourist visiting Goa, be it of Indian or foreign foundation; but we the Goan populace are innocently unacquainted to its presence. Or is it that no one is keen on frequenting these market assuming that there stock is trashy. We often associate quality with price. It does not typically have to be so. Their prices incontestably are lesser than the retail stores in the cities, but only on account of their no-fringe displays. The commodities are obtainable at affordable prices for the simple reason that it is the actual production cost with very little personal profit included. They do not take account of the middleman percentage, exorbitant shop rentals or inflating electricity prices added to the pricing of similar merchandise in bigger retail outlets. If people from the entire world can utilize their articles, we undoubtedly can exploit them too. So next time if you are looking out for some splendid fashion to complete your wardrobe, accessory rack or to simply adorn your household, pay these markets a visit, you will surely be bowled over by what all you find in these stands. Happy fashionable shopping on the Goan streets!

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