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ox JR EAL Certificate of Status of Taxable Person ARBRE {E07 + 153-8578 AOA REL 211 ‘To District Director of Meguro Tax Office Hf: RUAN + Yaris EL AR Hpea EA Name: Unilever Japan Beverage K.K. Address: 2-1-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku Tokyo 158-8578 Japan Representative Director: Takeshi Kamigouchi KOMI LoT THY vs EAL y VRABHLD 2009 F 3 A 2 BRUEIC BIS FMRC, AES ET, I hereby apply for the certification of the following information concerning the tax status of Unilever Japan Beverage K.K. on 24 March 2009 for the reason described below. sia BARBIES Y KAY TRE OM ORAM OME RIT BEY Reason : To apply Income Tax Convention between Japan and Indonesia Description Unilever Japan Beverage K.K. name of taxable person BAS 2-1-1 Kamimé ‘Meguro: 5a address of establishment artes LEROY MBNA & EMM LET. Thereby certify that the above statement is true and correct. 4EAB Date MAR, 12, 2009 RBS TNE H Signature No. of Certificate District Director of Meguro Tax Office AER 4149 ‘TAKAMI WATANABE Meguro Tax Office ‘27-16, Schome Nokamegure Meguroku Tokyo Japan