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ACT ONE A multclevel set. One level represents the older CHANDAN's bediter in a suburb of London, We se a treat bed, and, in the foegrond, small writing table uth a typuniter anda sheaf of paper. Perhaps we se a pert of a ell covered with faded wallpaper. Thiet the nly weliie Lvl, Blind, om a higher level i a chair which sees DR THAKKAR. He mains ested Phoughout the play. Although he doesn’t wat heaton ofthe play, is connection i made certain by hs shee, god, prseme ‘The lowest level ecupies « major portion ofthe sage. I represents the house ofthe Petes Is seen only in merry ard may be hept as stark as posible. On the stage ee, running long theeydorama and, in an Leshape, dounstage right, the gall outside the PATEL's hows, whith can be Lmigested by 2008 lighting. The older CHANDAN will he refered to as DAN for canny. The play stan without any music. spot picks wp DAN at ht writing table, DAN ‘yping foul. He sops and romove the shee for ie ‘gpaunier He looks up and speaks tothe auione In pocty even the most turbulent emotions can be recollected when one it hal sleep. But in drama! Ah Even eranquilty has to be realled with emotion. Like touching a bare, live wire. Try dimancing yourself fom that experience and writing about if A micre description will be hopelesdy inadequate. And for me. « Uhave to relive that charge over and over agin. (Peure) Excuse me while Freeharge myself (Dar holes 1 a caine end pulls Dut Bote of wor and pours into glare drink) Yes. U have my memories. Locking myselfin a beditcer ina seedy suburb of London, thousands of miles from home hasn't ppatenough distance between vs. Holding wp hi gle) My Act ONE B CHANDAN. They do that new ‘TARA, Well mami, ye allright, I can take it I'ma big itl now. CCHANDAN. No ifs not al sight. You can take i, you're sill lle gil with 2 wild imagination, ‘TARA. Worten have an instinct for these things CHANDAN. Women, not gil. "TARA, Tes innate We are bora with it! CCHANDAN (ctning af). Okay, okay! T leave you with your instincts, The word of Brahms awaits me, He leans over an pays it sfly, They both Bison t the mask tah has at is eet since itis played sft this tine. Afra toile TARA speak ‘TARA, You know who I met? The ugie gis in the whole ‘world. Prensa and Nalini. They live inthe building op- posite. They had a fiend with them. Equal wgly. They ‘Were all running serom che cet laughing thei ply heads off ever something. When they saw me get off the ca, they stopped. They stopped running and they stopped laughing. And hey waited, watching me get off and wale across the foorpath toward them. Emburasing me, risking me go slower than | would. When I eached them they grinned. Nalini whispered something to her vgly fiend. knew what was coming, Might as wel phy along, Thought. sled and inwoduced mysel We exchanged rmames. Nalini and Prema. The other one just tiered. | smile to her as well. Then I showed st to them. The duckling couldn’ believe her eyes. She stared at my leg. ‘She fel it snd knocked oni Silly well as gly thought. “The very best from Japor’,Lsad. "We get them in pas. [My twin brother wea the ether one." (CHANDAN (laughing, You did't TTaRA, Then they tn of Pleased with themselves, ughing ven barder. Their day was made, One ofthese days I'm going to tell them exacly how fight they look. cr ONE 9 lbvays get what he wants, Confict tthe cnx of Hf. A ‘ac to the death berwcen God and Nature on one side and on the other — the amazing Dr Thakkar. (Smiles) Yes. You wil be plesied to knox eae Ihave found my beginning A tein shew ype signature cane fades in white he spt fades ‘out. Aiko DAN i tering DR THAKKEAR, he oman, ‘re he yn dans. The ee ends an pe pts p DR. HAKKAR, seated a Bring itoweved in studio. DAN (mock ciel). Good evening, viewers and welcome 10 nother edition of ‘Marvel inthe World of Medicine” ‘We have with us this evening at our studio Dr Umakant “Thakkar wiho bas been in the news ately fo is outstand- ing work atthe Queen Vietora Memoral Hospital in Bombay. Dr Thakkar ha been ssocinted wich many major Dosis inthe US.A. most otably the Children's Hospi- talin Philadelphia, During his ay at che Queen Vicor ‘Hospital, he sa sugeon-in-chie 19a most unique and complex surgery. The Sr of Kind in Ini. Dr Thakkar, could you tll ws what was s0 special about tis sugery? DR THAKKAR. To stare with, the patienss were only 2 few ‘moots old and— DAN, How old were they exact? DR THAKKAR. Oh, tree months DAN (mack suprise Three months? Was the surgery realy DR rear, Yes abscll. Sungery was cr only chance ‘of turival. You te, they were evi, conjoined fom the chest down. AN. Simtese twins? DR THAKKAR. Yeu That isthe common term wed for them. DAN. In ita are phenomenon? DR THAKAR. Twins a such are not 9 race, the ehaness — DAN. What about Siamese swine? DR THAKEAR. Conjoined ewins ae quite rare 1 think one in sopra epg iavee “How on tec we dont oy wy eta "Sosa wp sl Sevoy eret ‘SSipapaueed aay thelany omar Shoe fete ene dows eh oat taste tart Fommcajion seh capone nes oT my i ef id ae aly mage Stan eam a” Ye eee ancy fot ne ns oe erie Seo oe die tele ER ge Noe oe ly Spree een ACR athe a ig Totten honemernmant Saas eco prepetrme nara tenons ‘rain Seg Rosey ee