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One of the employees of our building conned us by offering to do a

paint job that he was unqualified to do and that he never completed,
but       who conned us outside of his
union working hours, there was effectively nothing anyone could do to
discipline this man or to convince him to return our money.

I pleaded with my condo board to help me to find a resolution, but this

fell on horribly deaf ears. I pleaded with Akam, the mangers of our
building, stressing how demoralizing it was to have to move into my
new home and see my con artist in the hallways every day. Well c 
  . They showed themselves to be compassionate and
understanding. Although there was little they could do (they had no
power to fire the con artist or to force him to return the money, as he
was protected by his union), they nonetheless joined me in my plight.

If Akam manages your building, then you can consider yourself to be

one of the more fortunate residents of New York City.

To all at AKAM I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for handling
this situation with skill, sensitivity and professionalism, and most of all
for going above and beyond to help me get redress from the con artist
who remains employed by my condo board.

To the rest of the world, I say:

1) always choose Akam Associates to manage your condo, you will lead
a very satisfied life.

2) if you can help it in life,       . Everyone

knows that unions exist purely to protect society's lazy and inept at the
high expense of everyone else.

Happy house hunting !!

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