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The Incentive system

As explained in the book The Freakonomist the world runs on incentive system.
And the motivation is always the stick not the carrot. There is no charity, no non-profit-
nonsense no goodly-godly deeds. There’s is always a motive lurking behind the veneer of
the oxymoron -selflessness.

This motive is everywhere from The Creation to worship to Friendships to mere

acquaintances. God created the World in the hope that Man would realize His powers and
court his through out his life (No sir. I don’t know God personally but I had read the
accounts of the prophets). And the humans worship in the hope that licking the boots of
such an egotistical being would get them easy money. Friendships and relations do
happen to save up the investment of the resources (both tangible and intangible).

The question then would be What is selfless?