Bloom categories

Knowledge (recall, list, define, identify, collect, label)

Learning objective verbs recognize understand

Activity • Students will be able to recognize and understand the First Amendment. Students will understand how the laws of libel and privacy place limits on the journalist. Students will be able to explore how the First Amendment applies to the press. Students will explore the role of the journalist in obtaining and telling the news. Students will explore sensationalism vs. newsworthy stories. Students will discuss how CNN and the Internet have changed the face of news and changed the role of the journalist. Students will pick one story from the top 25-censored Media Stories of 2002-2003 and investigate the reasons that each may have been censored. Students will seek a truth in reporting by analyzing the same story as it is reported in various venues. (TV, Radio, Print, Film) Students will recognize propaganda by analyzing biased writing Students can create their individual guidelines for questionable language, subject matter and photographs. Students will be given scenarios to analyze; they will be asked to consider who the

• explore discuss

Comprehension (summarize, describe, interpret, predict, discuss)

investigate Application (apply, demonstrate, illustrate, classify, experiment, discover)

analyzing Analysis (analyze, classify, connect, explain, infer)

• create Synthesis (combine, integrate, plan, create, design, formulate) . •

Evaluation (assess, recommend, convince, compare, conclude, summarize)

Share Consider compare

ethical stake holders are and they must write their solutions and share with class

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