GLOBAL TRADE COMPLIANCE has moved to the forefront of many companies' concerns as sourcing in low-cost countries increases and government trade regulations become more restrictive. In anticipation of the release of Oracle's Global Trade Management, MAVENWIRE has worked closely with Oracle expanding its already extensive skill set to assist in the implementation of this new Oracle Module within a single, integrated global transportation and trade compliance solution. As outlined in the May edition of American Shipper, MavenWire is in the process of rolling out its multi-tenant, on-demand Oracle GTM offering. MAVENWIRE GTM SERVICES can help you reduce the time, effort and cost of operating your Oracle Global Trade Management instance, leveraging our Business Process Outsourcing solutions. We provide a retainer-based service, providing you with predictable costs, GTM Training Courses and the expertise to tackle GTM issues and configurations ranging from the simple to the most complex.

ORACLE GTM KEY FUNCTIONS  Denied Party and Embargoed Country Screening is required to check transactions against trade violations.  Leveraging GTM’s rules based compliance engine to restrict parties.  Automatic upload of content  User-defined, configurable rules and company specific exceptions. Control Determination  Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative Screening  License and Exception Determination  Documents Determination

“Oracle can also tie GTM to its Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) module. “The movement of physical goods is tied to the movement of that information,” “Linking global trade to (OTM) provides users with true end-toend management of their freight delivery.”
“Shippers’ IT, GTM competition intensifies” By Jim Blaeser, Publisher American Shipper May 2010

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