Potential Energy

Case of a free-falling ball

What is the speed at h = 3 m
m = 1kg

Assumption: No air friction h = 10 m

Experimental Setup

Experimental Data and Analysis
height speed
dx v= dt

Frame / time

Using kinematic equation

dv a= dt v final =v init at 1 2 x final =x init v init t  a t 2

Theoretical Calculation using Potential Energy

U =mgh 1 2 K = mv 2 U K =E M

Theoretical Results

1 2 mg h init −h final = mv final 2 v final=  2g  h v = 2×9.8 m/s ×7 m v ≈12 m/s

Further Questions

What happens if we change the mass of the ball? What happens if we change the height? What happens if throw the ball downward instead of falling from rest?

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