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Hispanic Gangs 2006 Intel Report

Hispanic Gangs 2006 Intel Report

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Published by Jason Smathers

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Published by: Jason Smathers on Oct 29, 2010
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The shotgun slayings of five people in a San Antonio residence in August 1997, known as
the “French Street Massacre,” came on the orders of Mexikanemi General Robert
“Beaver” Perez
. In the French Street Massacre case, the gang was after drugs and a large
sum of money it believed was at the residence. The bodies of five people were discovered,
all shot in the head execution-style. Later, Perez allegedly ordered Captain Robert “Robe”
and several other Mexikanemi members to execute one of the killers, Roberto De
Los Santos
, and also Adam Tenorio for bragging about the crime to non-members. De
Los Santos
was choked, beaten, and run over with a car. Tenorio’s eyes were gouged, his
throat slit, and his body bounded with barbwire. Nine other killings over the prior three years
were also blamed on this notorious prison gang. A RICO indictment accused the
Mexikanemi of routinely dealing drugs, robbing, extorting and assaulting. There have been
several recent cases of in-fighting and executions of Mexikanemi leaders as they vie for
power. ( San Antonio Express)

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