I bet the night couldn t be more seducing under the starry sky, old cat loitering for the

days fix, with liberated arms each moment seems to have no destiny; end tense to infinity. Engulfed in a rattling silence, trying to read each call of unknown, a feather touch of slightest frequency creates million waves with domino effect in a far sea; i aspire to transfer my consciousness; wherever men live, wherever eyes cant reach. My gaze strays to find east, lost in vastness settled into west, nearest. Each overweening vanity of being great, from big to bigger than biggest, seems tiniest; fools on riverbed. One of many uncaught movements, each advances unzip mystery more mysterious. Each impulsive glow of fireflies, LEDs by the riverside defines darkness, kaleidoscopic; i dive deep down to sieze some sunken years of cheese and cheries,

catch a glimpse of mermaid from childhood fantassy; i click it into pages each frame percieved. Under the dimmed night a foreplay by stormy winds induce madness, erotic; tearing apart each wave comes across, riding the dusk i am moving afar. Midnight hour looks like a gang descending down on me with cruel intention, nothingness groans hysterical. All that glitters seems life in a semilit night, each notion ends up hazy; a momentary illusion, audiolytic halucination, aetiology keeps me busy. Thus time falls; sexy lady in a black velvette gown sees it all. With the sunshine, night being over reality pricks, truth confused. Rivery night you drive me crazy; each time I want to justify truth I will come to you.

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